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POLL: Pulse on Crystal Spring Farm development

surveyDevelopment–specifically the Crystal Spring Farm project has been a hot topic for a while and cost former Mayor Josh Cohen his job. Current Mayor Mike Pantelides has been waffling on the project. Initially when he entered the race, he was for the project. When he realized that there were some voting Democrats that might support him if he opposed the project, he opposed it. He offered to buy it and was told by the owner that it was not for sale to him. Then he was quoted in The Capital as saying the project would be under development by the end of his first term. And most recently, he had a meeting with opponents of the project who came away very pleased with the results of the meeting. So, to be truthful, no one knows where the Mayor stands on this project, and if we did, there apparently is no assurance that the position will remain consistent.

But, there are many people who do have an opinion on the Crystal Spring Farm project and we’d like to know how you feel–plain and simple.

The project involves the piece of land along Forest Drive (about 175 acres) that is currently (for the most part) undeveloped. It is one of the largest parcels of undeveloped land in the City. The owner and developers are looking to build a community to include a senior living section, non-age restricted townhomes and apartments, retail, and a small inn.

What are your thoughts? Additional comments to clarify your position–please leave a comment.

NOTES:  The poll is displaying wonkily. The radio buttons are not displaying for me, but if you click your answer and then select “vote”, it will register. Also the order of the answers is different for each visitor.

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