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Tickle your sixth sense with the Evasons at AACC

EvasonsDirect from recent performances in Qatar, Canada, Central America and the United Kingdom, The Evasons are returning to Maryland for an evening of surprise, wonder and laughter on March 28 at the Robert E. Kauffman Theater in the Pascal Center for Performing Arts.

Jeff & Tessa Evason are the husband and wife mentalist duo hailed by FOX as “The most amazing mind reading act you will ever see!”. NBC called them “The finest act of its kind in the world.”

For over 30 years The Evasons have traveled the world, bringing their interactive entertainment experience to audiences in over 35 countries. Theyʼve performed at corporate events, theaters & performing arts centers, cruise ships, casino showrooms, resort hotels and colleges & universities.

With their playful and friendly style, Jeff and Tessa invite everyone in the audience to participate in a series of fun interactive psychic adventures. You think of your birthdate and Tessa knows it. Think of a friendʼs mobile number and Tessa knows it too. She knows who gave you the beautiful ring youʼre wearing and the name of a loved one you cherish. She even has answers to some of your unspoken questions!

People of all ages are drawn into the show and captivated by Tessa’s spot-on powers of perception. Her intuitive gifts will make you gasp with surprise and maybe even unleash a spooked-out shriek! Thereʼs just something different about seeing the phenomena take place right before your eyes, no strings attached, as opposed to watching it on TV.

There has to be a trick. They must use some form of technology. Right? Well Tessa and Jeff donʼt ask you to believe, but there are no hidden earphones, microphones or cameras and nothing is rehearsed with audience members before the show. In fact, The Evasons offer $100,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise. Even the skeptics have been left speechless!

The event takes place Friday, March 28th, 8:00 PM at the Robert E. Kauffman Theater, Pascal Center for Performing Arts, Anne Arundel Community College. $10, general admission; $5, AACC students with valid ID; $7, AACC faculty/staff. For information: 410-777-2218. Visit The Evasons online at www.evasons.com.

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