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Wanderlust Though March 2nd At The Gallery At Woods

WanderlustThe Gallery at Woods is currently exhibiting photographs by Dr. Ken Kovacs;  aptly titled “Wanderlust”, the exhibit features photographs of the many places around the world that Ken has recently visited.

Dr. Kenneth E. Kovacs is an amateur photographer who suffers from a serious case of Celtic wanderlust.  He loves to travel, has travelled extensively, has organzied several tours to Scotland, Italy, Turkey, and Greece.  Ken is willing to travel anywhere and enjoys ‘capturing’ a little of what he sees and experiences along the way through photography.

When he is not traveling, he is  pastor at Catonsville Presbyterian Church in Catonsville, Maryland, where he has served since 1999.  Ken’s brother , Craig,  a professional photographer and professor of animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, is his inspiration.

The photos in this exhibit reflect some of the places he has explored over the last couple of years:  New Mexico, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkey, Greece, India, England and Scotland (his second home).

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