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Neuman Calls Out Schuh On Property, Rain Taxes

Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman
Anne Arundel County Executive, Laura Neuman

Documents released earlier this month have riled up the campaign of County Executive Laura Neuman. Neuman is running agains Maryland Delegate Steve Schuh for the County’s top job in this year’s election.  Friends of Laura Neuman, released the following statement.

Documents show that Steve Schuh supports the current Rain Tax rates and advocated increasing property taxes to the highest allowable by law.

The fiscally conservative County Executive Laura Neuman stood up for hard-working Anne Arundel tax-payers and vetoed the Rain Tax, while Steve Schuh told the Baltimore Sun: “I would have held my nose and signed the bill.

For months, Candidate Schuh has been trying to hide his record on the Rain Tax by blaming the county’s implementation as a “misguided overreaction to federal and state stormwater mandates.” He voted for those very mandates twice.

Now that Candidate Schuh is trying to advance his political career, he wants to reduce the Rain Tax and property tax. But when vying for the appointment to County Executive last year, Steve Schuh firmly stated his support of the Rain Tax, explaining his vote for HB 987, “As a Delegate, I… believe this method of funding to be an appropriate means of addressing the County’s stormwater management issues.”

And regarding his position on raising the property tax, Schuh wrote in a sworn statement, “I do not oppose setting the annual budget at the maximum [property tax] rate permitted…”

As the Primary Election approaches, he’s been issuing public statements saying he wants lower property taxes and he is against the Rain Tax. But as Delegate, Schuh supported property tax increases and voted for the Rain Tax.

“I wasn’t surprised to see this report, putting in print for the voters to see what we’ve known all along – Schuh supports raising property taxes and the Rain Tax,” said Ryan Terrill, campaign manager to County Executive Laura Neuman’s campaign. “Career politicians will often talk out of both sides of their mouth when trying to win votes in an election year. If I had Steve Schuh’s record of raising taxes, I’d try to hide it too.”

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