May 29, 2024
Annapolis, US 60 F

Mid-Atlantic Aerial Videography & Photography — Annapolis by air

If you have not seen their work on Facebook—go check it out. Mid-Atlantic Aerial Videography and Photography is operated by Larry Rogers and Dave Butts.  They don’t have a plane or a helicopter. They fly drones–and capture some amazing images in the process.

Yesterday, I met with the pair down at Annapolis Harbor Boatyard to watch them in action. Typically they work in tandem with each partner flying a single, remote controlled, quad copter armed with a high resolution video camera.  One takes video and the other takes stills.

The drones are capable of climbing to thousands of feet, but as of now, they are not regulated by law; however the FAA has requested that they not fly higher than 400 feet. Without any assistance from the wind, they will move along at about 25 miles per hour and can capture some of the most impressive and dramatic footage you are likely to see.


The drones are flown visually and can be flown with the assistance of a GPS to maintain positioning. Dave Butts prefers to fly manually where he is controlling the nuances of the copter. The controller can control the speed, altitude, and the camera and the battery pack will last for about a 20 minute flight.

Prior to flight, they ask for permission from the property owner. There are certain no-fly zones–Washington DC, and in Annapolis directly over the Capitol and Government House are no-nos.

But the possibilities are endless–real estate brokers, land developers, commercial property owners, tourism, boating, and even the City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County can use aerial videos to highlight some of the amenities available to residents.

So, what was the end result of yesterday’s flight?  Take a look for yourself!

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