December 11, 2023
Annapolis, US 41 F

Where’s Kenny Kirby…Again

Ward Six Alderman, Kenneth A. Kirby

UPDATE: Alderman Kirby returned our call. When asked where he lives, the Alderman responded that “1236 Crows Nest Court is my address of record, period.” Kirby did state that he had not been served and questioned how hard it would be to find him. The Alderman said that he would have no further comment on this issue.

UPDATE: We have received the following statement from City Spokesperson, Rhonda Wardlaw.

The Board of Supervisors of Elections has certified Alderman Kirby’s address at 1236 Crows Nest Court as his legal address.  The City recognizes the action of the Board of Elections and does not find any reason to question the accuracy of the address. 

Where is Kenny Kirby? It is a question the Anne Arundel County Sheriff has been asking lately.

Kirby’s Campaign  is named in an action filed against the the campaign seeking to invalidate the election.

While Kirby, who has had his residency questioned several times over the years, lists his address at 1236 Crows Nest Court, the Sheriff has verified that he does not live at the address. The City also maintains that this is his legal address. In the past, Kirby was found to be staying with a relative in a HACA property without proper authorization, and had been evicted from a home he rented shortly after the HACA incident.  During the election, his residency was unsuccessfully challenged and the Annapolis Board of Elections determined that the Crows Nest Court address was indeed the residence of Kenny Kirby.

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With this latest twist, Steven Conn, the unsuccessful candidate behind the petition to the Circuit Court will now have to renew the summons and  hire a private process server if he intends to follow through with the challenge. A private service would likely necessitate a public service at a City Council meeting. “Since serving at his residence failed, serving at a Council meeting may be the only option, but sadly would be the most embarrassing to our City and Ward 6.” said Conn this morning.

We have reached out to Alderman Kirby, but at the time of publication, our email had not been answered. We will, of course, update this when he responds.

Mayor Pantelides was at a function this morning. His office is aware of the situation and will be issuing a statement shortly.

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