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New Book Highlights Towns Of Chesapeake

image002-1Cities and Towns of the Chesapeake, by William B. Cronin was recently released.

The book pictorially tells of Maryland’s history as it unfolds along the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay, where European exploration, colonization, and commercial development of the Bay’s resources connected the cities, towns, and ports. Blockade running from three different wars brought national conflict to Maryland as the center of the New Republic.

With 800 images, this book provides illustrated historic summaries, descriptive maps, and lists of restaurants, lodging, marinas, and local events for use as a convenient and portable reference and travel guide by land or water along the Bay’s Eastern and Western Shores. Armchair historians and day or weekend travelers can discover the rich history, classic architecture, local ferries, and current attractions in 100 towns along the Bay where Maryland’s historical legacy – and its seafood – abound.

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