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Neuman Campaign Comes Out Swinging

neumancampaignThis evening, County Executive Laura Neuman’s campaign manager came out swinging for opponent Steve Schuh after a tweet was sent out yesterday. On Twitter, Schuh says that Neuman passed the largest spending increase in history and states that he has fought for lower property taxes. The entire rebuttal is re-printed below:

Political expediency, flip-flopping, and shameless spin are nothing new for career politicians, but Steve Schuh’s recent Twitter post lying about his record while at the same time lying about Laura’s record is reprehensible. Without a clear message or vision for Anne Arundel County, it appears that Steve Schuh is spiraling through multiple stages of political grief – the rain tax vote edition.

Denial: When career politicians are in a stage of denial, they may sense that they have a problem — but still want to feel that they are in complete control over the situation and can hide the issue just by redefining it.


Whereas most residents and small business owners fighting the Rain Tax across our state would actually identify state law (House Bill 987) as the source of the problem, Steve Schuh keeps telling reporters that an issue affecting ten different counties is just Anne Arundel’s problem:

“Del. Steve Schuh reserves the {rain tax} term for Anne Arundel County’s set of fees” – Steve Schuh in The Capital Gazette, Sunday, January 12, 2014

FACT: After voting twice for House Bill 987 to create the Rain Tax — against his party and against its ideals, Steve Schuh is simply not a credible voice to be speaking about the unfunded mandate. While Steve will say whatever he thinks he needs to say to protect his political ambitions, Laura Neuman’s record of fighting for her principles and vetoing the tax is proof that she has the experience to lead.

Anger and Lies: When career politicians are in a stage of anger, they get upset because they can no longer use excuses and resort to running a campaign to the bottom by telling lies about their opponent.


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FACT: Anne Arundel already has a charter in place capping tax revenue to the annual rate of inflation. Thanks to economic developments, the county is starting to grow its way out of the recession. Please read Laura’s detailed article explaining the charter.  If Steve had actually played a significant role in the county’s open meetings on his unfunded mandate, he would be aware of this issue. In contrast, how many of Maryland’s bloated budgets has Steve Schuh voted into law?

Bargaining: When career politicians are in a stage of bargaining, they try to convince everyone else that they are going to fix the problem in order to get out of trouble.

BACKGROUND: In the fiscal year 2014, the state already controls approximately 62% of the county budget. Whereas most Republicans oppose big government, Steve Schuh’s proposal for the rain tax would expand it. By voting to impose this unfunded mandate, Schuh advocates expanding the role of state government in our county budget and redistributing Anne Arundel’s wealth into the bank accounts of Maryland’s massive state bureaucracy.

Schuh supports the state law, but says Anne Arundel should have adopted a smaller fee while cutting property taxes. He plans to ask the County Council to cut property taxes to offset the fee. – Steve Schuh going on record with The Capital, Sunday, January 12, 2014

FACT: Every dollar collected for the rain tax is devoted to green projects for the Chesapeake Bay and will not be returned for police, roads, snow removal, etc. If we adopted Steve’s solutions, taxpayers would be handing over their money to the same state government creating this mess and reducing the budget for your roads and police force.

Acceptance: This is the stage that career politicians rarely ever get to. It is when the candidate does the right thing and admits their mistake. For now, he continues to flip-flop on whether he supports the rain tax – i.e. first he was for it, then he was against it and then… Hopefully, Steve Schuh will realize what his vote for this unfunded mandate has done, stop trying to cloud the water, and go back to the Capital to repeal the Rain Tax before session ends this year.

Source: Laura Neuman Campaign

Editor’s Note: The way the tweet was structured, it was only seen by people that are mutual followers of both Schuh and Neuman and not to the general public–probably not the intent. 

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