June 12, 2024
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Fordham Revamps Their Lineup Of Core Beers

Fordham Route 1Helles Lager no more!  Now it is Gypsy Lager.  Route 1 Session IPA is a new brew. And Copperhead has a new look along with all of them!

Fordham Brewing has reset their core lineup. Just before 5pm last night, my alarm went off reminding me about the preview at the Rams Head Tavern that I had forgotten.  I was promised a night full of great beer….something you just don’t forget. And Fordham Brewing and the Rams Head Tavern did not disappoint!

Three new core beers, the Rinse and Repeat series, focus on sessionability. None of the beers will clock in at higher than 5.0% ABV. The first, Gypsy Lager, is a Munich-style Helles brewed in the tradition of great German lagers–this is the old Helles Lager.  Munich and Vienna malts provide a honeyed backbone that is contrasted with the clean bitterness of Perle Hops. The result is a crisp and refreshing beer.

Copperhead, an American Amber Ale, will remain Fordham’s flagship beer. Caramelized malts give this beer its flavor and signature copper hue.  Bravo hops attribute a slight bitterness to the finish.

Finally, and most excitingly, Route 1 Session IPA will join the year-round lineup.  Noted for its hop forward flavor, low alcohol content, and pale amber color it possesses a subtle malt presence. The smoothness of this ale makes it easy to lather, rinse, and repeat as needed.

Jim Lutz, President and CEO of Fordham Brewing, said, “We designed these beers to tell our story and the craft beer drinker’s journey. Gypsy Lager is approachable and represents the start of an adventure.  In our story, it was our first batch of beer in the Annapolis Rams Head in 1995. For the craft beer drinker, it is the first step away from mass produced beers. Copperhead Ale is a little bit more complex and intense. For us, that relates to the years that we spent crafting beers before it was mainstream. For the craft beer drinker, it is that first taste of a beer that embraces full flavor. Finally, Route 1 is about where we and the drinker are headed. Sessionable, but with all the flavor of a traditional IPA, it is about taking on new challenges.”

Fordhan Gypsy LagerAlong with the changes in names and the introduction of a new brew, the branding and look of the beers has changed. The new marks are reminiscent of the old tin highway signs and offer a distinct and recognizable look.

Did you know that the Fordham brewery is only about 50 minutes from Annapolis?  Why not make a day trip and see how your favorite brews are…well, brewed!

You can find Gypsy Lager, Copperhead Ale, and Route 1 IPA  flowing from the taps at Rams Head Tavern AnnapolisRams Head Tavern Savage MillRams Head Roadhouse, and Rams Head Shore House.


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