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Don Quinn Is 2nd Challenger For Astle’s Senate Seat

Don QuinnDon Quinn is running for the senate seat in District 30 against incumbent, John Astle. Eric Knowles has previously announced his candidacy.

“It is time for a new generation of leaders to tackle the challenges that we are facing in Maryland.  Our oppressive business environment is making it difficult for small businesses to survive, driving them out of the state, and creating job losses.  Our citizens deserve better.  Maryland families are suffering as an elitist government in Annapolis passes legislation and tax increases without listening to the people. We are a representative government and in order for our government to work, politicians must listen to the people and fight for what is important to their constituents.  I am running to put the “represent” back in representative and to create opportunity for Maryland families.”

Don Quinn is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and an advocate of providing excellent care for those that have served to protect our country.

He is a small business owner that intimately understands the challenges businesses face in daily operations, expansion, and creating new jobs.  He is committed to creating a business friendly environment in Maryland, one that drives job growth, and helps Maryland families.

Don and his wife Bethany have five children and live in the Hillsmere community of Annapolis.  Their children attend public school, and they are passionate about improving education in Maryland for all children.  Don believes the best way to do that is by listening to both educators and parents then work together to create solutions.  His fundamental belief is that a politician must engage subject matter experts, people that live and breathe education on a daily basis, prior to proposing policies and legislation that impacts them.

Don is opposed to uncapped taxes, like the storm water fee and gas tax that can increase without limit.  Burdensome taxes hurt Maryland families that are struggling to make ends meet in a down economy.  Uncapped taxes and fees are especially unfair on senior citizens that live on a fixed income.  Increasing taxes on this population means they have less money to spend on groceries, going to dinner, and even paying the electric bill.  He is committed to making life easier for seniors, not harder.

Raised by a single mother, Don has always been a passionate advocate for women’s rights.  He believes that, as a state and nation, we can do more to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of women while protecting them from the violence and abuse that impacts 25% of our female population. Don is a strong advocate for family values believing that the family unit is the nucleus that affects all things, and so we must do more than create punch lines or ten word answers to address the challenges faced by our families, mothers, daughters, and sisters today.

He believes that our environment must be protected and preserved for future generations.  As a father, whose children love to swim in the Chesapeake Bay, he understands the importance of keeping our waterways clean.

“Environmental policy must go hand in hand with common sense.  As citizens, there are things we can do to protect the environment and must do our part to lead the charge.  The government is responsible for assisting with large scale activities, but environmental advocacy starts at the doorstep of every home, business and individual. The sooner we start working together, the faster we will have a cleaner, safer, more sustainable environmental climate, which is the ultimate goal.”

“I am running for senate because it is time to put the families of Maryland first.  We need politicians in office that will listen to the people, stand up to the crowd, and fight for the rights of our citizens. Times have changed and so have the needs of the people.  Our politics and politicians must change with them.  I promise that if elected, I will be accountable to the people of District 30 and always be available for listening to what they have to say.  I am certain that, by working together, we can face the challenges of today and create opportunity in Maryland, starting right here in district 30.”

To learn more about Don Quinn, visit www.votedonquinn.com .

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