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Stephen Colbert Named To NSHOF Board

stephen_colbertThe National Sailing Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that Stephen Colbert has joined the NSHOF Honorary Advisory Board.

The political satirist, writer, comedian, actor, and host of the television show The Colbert Report joins the Honorary Board’s other distinguised members, including its Chair, actor and sailor Morgan Freeman, who filled the post left vacant by the late Walter Cronkite in 2009.

“I’m honored to be named to the Honorary Advisory Board,” said Mr. Colbert. “I will do my best to not capsize the National Sailing Hall of Fame. Hard Alee!”

Stephen Colbert grew up on Charleston Harbor, right across from the Carolina Yacht Club, a NSHOF Founding Member Club. According to a 2011 article in Sailing World, Mr. Colbert recalled, “the regattas were right outside my window. I wasn’t allowed to go sailing because I don’t have an eardrum in one ear and I couldn’t get water in my ear. It just drove me crazy. My mom felt so badly for me, that when I was 20, my doctor said, it’s healed enough — the thing that was wrong was still wrong, but it was better — he said, “You can go out there now.” My mom said, “OK, I’ll get you sailing lessons.” I said, “I don’t really want to now.” Which, of course, really upset her, because to her I was still a little boy.”

He did a little sailing on and off until 2005, when a friend invited him to crew in the Charleston to Bermuda race on board a 45-foot cat ketch. “I just loved it,” he said.

The National Sailing Hall of Fame is a non-profit educational facility dedicated to preserving America’s sailing legacy and engaging sailing’s next generation by sharing the benefits, excitement and beauty of sailing, preserving its history, and showcasing sailing’s impact on American culture.

NSHOF honors those who have made outstanding contributions to American sailing, teaches math and science through sailing to students, encourages sailing development, and works to provide inspiration and a landmark for sailing enthusiasts.

Originally published: NSHOF
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