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Letter To The Editor: An Altercation With Alderman Kirby

| November 13, 2013, 03:47 PM | 8 Comments

editorialEarlier today, on President Street, my mother witnessed Alderman Kirby discard his still lit cigarette onto the ground. It fell into dry leaves gathered along the curb. My mother said to him, “Your cigarette is still lit and it could catch the leaves on fire.” His response to her was “If you’re so concerned about it, come stomp it out yourself.” She did just that. As she stood on the street and he on the sidewalk she looked up at him and told him not only could he have potentially started a fire, he also littered. He told her that 1. He didn’t care about litter and 2. she couldn’t issue him a citation. He then waved his hand repeatedly at her telling her to “Be Gone, be gone, be gone….” She is one of the constituents in Ward 6. This was her FIRST EVER encounter with Kirby. It’s quite obvious he cares nothing for the place he claims to live in or the laws that govern it (Annapolis City Code Chapter 11.36.030 Littering)

After casting my vote at the church off of Bay Ridge Ave, I found Alderman Kirby standing by.  I approached him to inquire as to why he would be so rude to a member of Ward 6 and why, as Alderman of Ward 6, he would so willingly contribute to the already growing waste and litter problem.  I hoped that my polite approach and youthful appearance (I’m only 26) would garner me the response of the “leader” he’s supposed to be.  But to my absolute shock (I’ve never had the “pleasure” of meeting him), he blew me off, even raising his voice at me and asking what my point was, am I recording this, am I in the FBI?  He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me because he was too busy waving to cars passing by, yet he could carry on a phone conversation after brushing me off…obviously too scared to face me because he knew I was right.

The very nice woman standing next to him (holding a Kirby sign) was listening in, and she did (very nicely) come to his defense saying “but there are many cigarette butts on the ground.”  I asked “But does that make it right?  Don’t you want a clean Annapolis for your children?”  When she attempted to validate anything I had to say, even if it was “I see where you’re coming from,” Alderman Kirby shouted back “Don’t validate her!”  I looked to him and politely yelled back “Don’t condemn her for having her own opinion!”

I don’t know if Alderman Kirby felt threatened enough to phone back-up, or if it just happened to be good timing, but another man in a small red car, approached, stepping far too close for my comfort, and instructed me to leave, without even giving me an opportunity to explain myself and treating me like I was some kind of threat (I’m 5″1′, caucasian, and again…26)  He then (supposedly) called the cops (who never showed…I waited).  All this over a young resident of Annapolis (ward 6) asking Alderman Kirby why he so willingly littered and why he spoke to my mother so harshly.

Is this the kind of “leader” we want for Ward 6?  He wouldn’t even give me the time of day.  I had NO voice, and I am part of his ward!  Not to mention, this type of behavior, on election day when I could have been voting for him.  Does he think he’s too good?  Above the law?  He refused to listen, apologize, validate, anything.  He should be ashamed of his actions…not just the littering, but in how he treats people.

Brynn A.L., Ward 6 Voter
Pam A.L., Ward 6 Voter

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  1. Kathleen_Booth says:

    Wow. If true, this is incredibly disappointing.

  2. mahina2 says:

    Kathleen, I assure you the story Brynn relayed about my interaction with Kirby is entirely true. I would be willing to take a polygraph if anyone doubts it. Pam A.L.

  3. Naptowngirl1980 says:

    Why wasn’t this published upon receipt? I realize this could have been considered defamatory to the candidate, but the constituents have a right to know who they were voting for. Now they’ll have to wait 4 more years….

  4. John Frenaye says:

    This letter was just received by us yesterday. We needed to confirm some things prior to publication which were confirmed today.

  5. DisqoJesus says:

    “I’m 5″1′, caucasian, and again…26” How is race relevant? Is the author implying that white people can not be threatening? Inadvertent racism is the worst.

  6. mahina2 says:

    You’re right, race is irrelevant. I would like Brynn to address the situation surrounding her personal description (which I believe originally came from when one of the men in this article was trying to provide a description of her to someone else and she made it easy for him by personally providing her height and race). However, this letter is about the FACT that a PUBLIC SERVANT would not take a moment to engage Brynn in civil conversation, but instead kept on waving at passing cars and chose to make a phone call. MOST DISTURBING, instead of answering her questions, were his own bizarre questions asking her if she was recording the conversation or if she was FBI (why would Kirby even begin to think the FBI is interested in him?). MOST DISTURBING is his shushing of another woman (a supporter at that). What should also be noted are the FACTS that Kirby threw a LIT cigarette onto a pile of dried leaves and that he cared NOTHING about the potential fire hazard, the litter or the code against what he had done. His “above the law” cocky attitude; snarky and dismissive remarks and gestures directed at a community member (me) who simply expressed a concern should not be lost in a perceived “race” side issue (although I’m beginning to wonder if this doesn’t smack of misogyny). I agree that all racism is wrong, however I disagree that anything done inadvertently is “the worst.” No, I say Kirby’s behavior towards constituents and the city environment “is the worst.”

  7. mahina2 says:

    i sent a letter to ‘[email protected]‘ on 5 Nov at 3:34pm. i know i posted around social media as well. i don’t know if the cap-gaz published it or not. it’s a terrible pity there was no way to get it out sooner. kirby lucked out with the timing…although i can’t imagine mine or brynn’s is a one/two-off incident. more ppl need to speak up. as citizens, we need to remember who is serving whom. public servants need to know we expect civility, decency, responsibility….

  8. Caitlin says:

    Disgraceful to hear that on the day before elections, Kirby didn’t even attempt to pretend to care about Annapolis. I can’t wrap my head around how a man can be elected to represent this beautiful city would openly admit to a concerned resident that he does not care about littering or cigarette induced fires! He is the worst kind of leader and role model for Annapolis. I don’t know a single person that dreams of raising their family in a garbage dump, but obviously Kirby doesn’t find this alarming or important. If a person thinks dumping cigarettes and yelling at a concerned resident is no big deal, what other things are of no concern to him? The city of Annapolis is quickly loosing its beauty and all it has to offer because of people like Kirby…come on Annapolis, open your eyes! Keep Annapolis clean, lets start by taking the garbage to the “kirb”!

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