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Cohen Puts Brakes On Crystal Spring

crystal-logo-interiorAnnapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen called on developers of Crystal Spring to delay any further submissions on the project until the new mayor and his team are in place.

City Manager Michael Mallinoff talked with developers of the Crystal Spring project yesterday, explaining the need to hold off on any additional submissions, allowing the new administration time to review the project and make their own decisions on how to proceed.

“Crystal Spring was one of the major issues in the campaign, and the incoming administration will have a completely blank canvas to manage this development entirely as they see fit,” Mayor Cohen said.  “I am proud of the commitments we have already secured from the developers, but no approvals have been granted for the development. The only determination the City has made thus far is to accept the inventory of existing natural features, and we did a thorough job of that.  No approvals have been given to any aspect of the development, from the site plan itself to roads or buildings or even what amount of forest will be preserved. I have instructed staff to withhold all further review until the new administration takes office.”

The developers have submitted 8 versions of the forest stand delineation (FSD) since August of 2011. The forest stand delineation was determined to be complete and correct on March 21, 2013. The FSD is the environmental inventory of the existing conditions on the site.

The next step is to review the Forest Conservation Plan (FCP).  The FCP is a plan showing where construction will be on the site and how it relates to the natural resources.  One version of the FCP was submitted and reviewed by Planning and Zoning, Department of  Neighborhood and Environmental Programs, and the Fire Department.  This first version was rejected by staff on June 28, 2013 and sent back to the applicant with numerous pages of corrections or clarifications to be made.  A new version has not been submitted by the developer to the city for review.

The Forest Conservation Act review documents are available online and all drawings, staff reviews and public documents will continue to be available during the process at

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