February 25, 2024
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Pantelides Says City Needs To Do More To Prevent Overcrowding

michael-pantelidesToday, mayoral candidate, Mike Pantelides released a statement expressing his disappointment with the proposed legislation that would add school capacity to the development review criteria. He said it didn’t truly address the problem.

“I am glad the City Council is addressing the problem of overcrowded schools as a result of irresponsible development. This is something that I have advocated for a long time. Currently, developers can build as much as they want in the city without considering the impact on schools.

“However, I can’t support this proposal. It is poorly constructed and at just a few paragraphs, it gives unchecked authority to the planning and zoning director who is not elected nor accountable to city residents.  The proposed ordinance essentially fast tracks any development because the projects are not held to the same high standard of approval as county projects. I call on the City Council to  more fully consider this proposal and bring it into alignment with the county’s policy,” said Pantelides.

“We can’t afford to overburden our education system. I call on the City Council to get serious about the problem and fully address the impact of new homes on schools,” he said.

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