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Letter To The Editor: Cohen’s Avoidable Street Fight

| October 31, 2013, 12:06 PM | 1 Comment

editorialNow that the amended City Dock Master Plan (CDMP) has been approved by the Annapolis City Council, Cohen is taking every opportunity to tout it as a singular accomplishment.  In reality, he is personally responsible for creating a bitter community street fight over the last six months and inflicting wounds in our community that will take years to heal.  More specifically, he:

  • Championed a flawed CDMP advocating for excessive building heights, reduction in parking space and elimination of Memorial Circle,
  • Sponsored Ordinance O-7-13 to enable development of an out-of-scale/style building that trades City property for a boardwalk largely benefiting its tenants,
  • Triggered an incendiary battle with respected citizen and business groups, including the leader credited with making Annapolis the nation’s premier Boat Show,
  • Failed to frame the needed refinement to Maritime Zoning, which I support, as well as enforceable assurances that change will not trigger a chain reaction.

Reasonable people differ on Annapolis’ future, in particular the scale and form of development — such debate is healthy.  I voted for Cohen in the last election, and I happily contributed to that campaign; I wanted him to be successful and do not question his integrity.  What I cannot forgive is his unfortunate bad judgment in aggressively pushing forward the flawed CDMP and Ordinance O-7-13.

His actions have set back constructive progress — how different the discussion would be today had he recognized the need to make changes well before attempting to get them ratified!  Cohen has not earned my vote, and I hope enough others feel the same way

Robert (Bob) Jones
Annapolis, MD

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  1. I Like Mike - Ward 1 Democrat says:

    Hundreds of residents opposed to the City Dock Master Plan have packed City Council Chambers testifying against the Cohen-Ordan plan and Alderman Finlayson had the nerve to say that they did not represent the majority opinion. I counted three people who testified in support of the Cohen-Ordan plan. Two work for the developer and one is a Cohen loyalist.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cohen has a majority proof voting block on the City Council. He has shown nothing but ruthless scorn and contempt for anyone who has offered a dissenting opinion. Cohen deserves to be voted out of office on November 5th.
    I am a life long progressive Democrat and I will be voting for Mike Pantelides on Tuesday. Mike Pantelides is remarkable for his intelligence, commitment to the good of all Annapolitans and good governance as well as strong leadership and ability to communicate.

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