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Cohen And Pantelides Square Off Online

photo 2-2 Last night at 7pm, Mayor Cohen and challenger Mike Pantelides squared off online. In a first for local politics, the two took to Twitter to answer constituent questions and concerns.  The debate was sponsored by Eye On Annapolis and WRNR Radio and held at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge.

Questions could be submitted live and in advance using the hashtag #ANP13 with the older questions being mixed in with the newer entrants. Since Twitter is a public platform, the candidates were able to review the questions submitted prior to the debate, but they were unaware of which questions would be selected by the moderators to present.  Alex Cortright of WRNR and John Frenaye of Eye On Annapolis served as moderators. The candidates were presented with the questions and given time (and two tweets) to respond.  Questions ranged from HACA to the budget to City Dock to pensions to rock and roll to current books and of course (because this is Annapolis) chickens!

photo 3
Annapolis Mayoral Candidates Josh Cohen (top) and Mike Pantelides (bottom) take to Twitter to discuss the concerns of the citizens of Annapolis.

The debate itself was not a public event. People could follow along at home or on their mobile device as it happened or after the fact.

While Mike Pantelides came armed with a few campaign staffers, Mayor Cohen attended solo.

After the debate, which was held on the 2nd floor of Metropolitan, the public was invited to their rooftop bar for a meet and greet with both candidates. Approximately 20 people had the opportunity to speak one on one with Cohen and Pantelides as we lead into the election.

For those that submitted questions that were not asked (or answered), both candidates agreed to continue this via their individual twitter accounts. Please feel free to tweet to @cohenjosh or @votepantelides for any follow ups. And if you want to keep us all in the loop, use the hashtag #ANP13.

There is a more traditional debate this evening at 7:30pm at Congregation Kneseth Israel at the corner of Spa Road and Hilltop Lane. Tonight’s debate will be sponsored by the League of Women Voters and we encourage everyone to attend if possible.

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NOTE:  The tweets below are live. You are able to click them or any links included.

Question 1

Question 2


Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7


Question 8


Question 9

Question 10

Question 11

Question 12

Question 13

From Cohen to Pantelides

From Pantelides to Cohen

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And so, concluded the first online Twitter debate in local politics. If you are interested in following the rest of the underlying conversation surrounding the hashtag, it should be displayed below. (fingers crossed)


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