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Blood On The Dance Floor

| October 01, 2013, 11:05 AM | 0 Comments

57-elgImagine standing outside on a nice, sunny day in Baltimore at the Baltimore Soundstage. Teens swarm around you in an assortment of hair color- every color of the rainbow, eye color- white was my favorite, everybody laughing and carrying on. Doors open. And you are transported into a world you never knew existed.

The first onstage was an acoustic duo called Haley Rose. They were really cool because they actually played violin and sang backup for Blood on the Dance Floor (BotDF). It included just a violinist and the singer, but they made it work so well!

Next up were The Relapse Symphony. Hailing from D.C., they were absolutely phenomenal live! They had intricate guitar riffs, awesome drums and bass beats, and had awesome vocals. They harmonized beautifully, and the crowd loved them as well.

Farewell, My Love came on after TRS. They had beautiful, eerie intros to their songs and beautiful vocals. You could feel the bass in your ribs, the beat in your chest, and their high notes rang in your ears. The singer even jumped into the crowd!

Between sets, long haired band members are greeting fans, taking pictures and making jokes. Every band on this tour really cared for their fans and wanted them to know how grateful they are. Imagine them coming up to you, full of eyeliner, wearing black, and asking if you’re okay, if you need anything. It was the most heartfelt concert I have ever been to.

Suddenly, the lights dim. The crowd goes crazy. A robed figure sporting a jackal mask walks solemnly onto the stage. Blood is poured onto the wild-eyed crowd as singers Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe sing their hearts out. Instead of a concert, it’s more of a party, complete with Jayy dancing seductively, Dahvie unmasking himself and riding a giant inflatable turtle across the crowd. Beer bottles were smashed, and Jayy and Dahvie even did a skit about going to hell. Their witty songs are full of BotDF puns, like Scream for my Ice Cream, and Suck My D. Foam bubbles poured from the ceiling as Dahvie beat on a giant drum. Blood on the Dance Floor doesn’t just get up on stage to sing, they get on to put on the best show ever. And they don’t disappoint.

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