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Arnold Woman Charged With Playing Doctor

Late last week, Eye On Annapolis received an anonymous tip about a local woman, Shawna Gunter who has been charged with illegally working as a Physician’s Assistant.   The information provided was substantial and a timely, in depth investigation was beyond the resources available to us.

We contacted investigative reporter, Joce Sterman from ABC2 in Baltimore via Twitter and provided the information we had which led Joce on a trail to complete a story which aired this evening only on ABC2 News.

In addition to the information reported by ABC2 News, the documents sent to us indicated that Gunter may also have performed surgery as a Surgical Associate for an Annapolis surgeon. We have received screen shots from her Facebook page (now deleted or secured behind a privacy wall) indicating that she may have performed some type of surgery.

It is been called the greatest and most terrifying moment in your career. Standing at the head of the surgical table, knowing that the patient’s life depends on you. It’s what we all dream about, because the first person that gets to fly solo in the OR is kind of a bad ass! 11/29 here we come!

(November 26, 2012 Facebook Posting)

In another Facebook posting, she posted a photo of what appears to be an X-Ray with the following comment.

And some days I think why the hell did I choose this field… Perhaps cell phones should have warning labels: DO NOT INSERT IN ASS…

(January 22, 2013 Facebook Posting)

Stay tuned for more information.

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