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5 Party Tips Learned From The Virgin Mobile FreeFest

| October 04, 2013, 10:57 AM | 0 Comments

Even the random downpours couldn’t dampen the spirits at Virgin Mobile’s FreeFest. Lady Buggies (or better known as drug bugs) drove around the soggy festival, bringing dubstep, flash dancing, and girls screaming “flower power!” If the crazy kids weren’t entertaining enough, watching chains of drunk people slide down the muddy amphitheater hill was definitely fun to watch. If you actually came to listen to music, you might not have been so happy. Synthesized music was the trend of the day, with very little instruments played. A couple of the bands were actually good, Chvrches kicked ass, duet Icona Pop made the crowd go insane, and everybody who endured the onslaught of stoners all day got a special treat- Vampire Weekend! Their set definitely made up for the rude crowds, screaming crowds, and the aching legs from running  across the festival grounds literally all day. They performed tons of new songs, almost all of their songs from their self- titled album, and even some of their oldest jams. The entire crowd was crazy, not a seat in the amphitheater was open.

I noticed many party fouls, mostly from girls. So I compiled a list. Because I never, ever, want to see these things happen again.

  1. Shirts! You need them! You can’t be walking around in just a bra. Let’s leave something to the imagination. Merriweather even sells them. Also, if it doesn’t cover your bra, it doesn’t count.
  2. Underwear!  YOU NEED TO WEAR IT. That is DISGUSTING. Especially when you’re wearing see-through pants. Nobody wants to see your ass and more. And for the love of all that is holy, YOU NEED A BRA. Don’t throw your bra onstage, clip it around your chest and LEAVE IT THERE.
  3. Pissing IN the crowd! This seemed to happen later in the evening, during Robin Thicke’s performance. I don’t know why women decided they needed to pee, but dropping your pants in the middle of a crowd and peeing on your pants, and the shoes of people around you is NOT OKAY. Especially when the porta-potties are about 100 feet away.
  4. Pissing ON  the crowd!  Also during Robin Thicke, I watched a man hold a girl’s things as she peed in a bottle, then THREW IT INTO THE AUDIENCE. THAT’S NASTY.
  5. Trippin’ Out!  As I was watching Robin Thicke (he has the most refined fans, I swear) a girl grabbed my shoulders, swung me around, screamed at me, asking if she was pretty, and promptly broke down. Her friend explained that she had a bad trip. There were also kids higher than a kite in the Lady Buggies, and basically everywhere you looked. It’s obnoxious.

Remember, festivals are a place to be classy ladies-not trashy. But here is some Vampire Weekend goodness to counter it all…

[do action=”show-music-schedule”/]

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Kati is a student at AACC with a passion for all things music!

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