November 28, 2023
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Simonaire Submits Legislation To Allow Tax Deduction For Rain Tax

Senator Bryan Simonaire
Senator Bryan Simonaire

Senator Bryan Simonaire (District 31) requested the Department of Legislative Services staff to draft legislation ensuring if the Rain Tax stays in place that property owners would get to deduct it off their Maryland Income Tax forms.

Senator Simonaire is putting together a package of legislation to repeal, reduce or compensate residents for this burdensome and ill-conceived Rain Tax.

As one piece of this package, the legislation would apply to all jurisdictions that had a Rain Tax imposed on their residents.

Senator Simonaire is totally opposed to the Rain Tax, but is trying every method, idea and resource to overturn this bad idea.

Senator Simonaire stated, “The state and counties are talking about raising billions of dollars in new taxes on properties through the Rain Tax. My legislation would ensure the residents of Maryland get some of that money back through being able to deduct any Rain Tax applied to their property.

“I will continue fighting this Rain Tax until it is repealed or at the very least greatly minimized.  The people are fed up with out of control spending and higher taxes.

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