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Annapolis Primary Election Results

These results will be updated throughout the day and evening as they are made available.

The results are final, but unofficial until the election is certified which could take several days. There is no reason to believe there were any irregularities or that any provisional or absentee ballots will affect the outcome.

On November 5, 2013, the following candidates will be running for elected office in Annapolis.

Mayor:  Joshua J. Cohen (D)
Mayor: Michael Pantelides (R)
Ward 1 Alderman: Joe Budge (D)
Ward 1 Alderman: Allen Furth (R)
Ward 2 Alderman: Kurt Riegel (D)
Ward 2 Alderman: Fred Paone (R)
Ward 3 Alderman: Rhonda Pindell Charles (D) (unopposed)
Ward 4 Alderman: Sheila Finlayson (D) (unopposed)
Ward 5 Alderman: Jared Littmann (D) (unopposed)
Ward 6 Alderman: Kenny Kirby (D)
Ward 6 Alderman: Steven Conn (Unaffiliated)
Ward 7 Alderman: Iam Pfeiffer (D)
Ward 7 Alderman: James Clenny (R)
Ward 8 Alderman: Ross Arnett (D) (unopposed)

You can become familiar with all of the candidates on our candidate information page.

Democrat Mayor
Josh Cohen (WINNER)177457%
Bevin Buchheister133243%
Republican Mayor
Bob O'Shea
Corrected: First reported final as 410
Mike Pantelides (WINNER)
Corrected: First reported final as 808
Frank Bradley414%
Ward 1 Alderman (D)
Joe Budge (WINNER)37469%
Tom McCarthy17131%
Ward 2 Alderman (D)
Kurt Riegel (WINNER)35566%
Tim Mennuti18034%
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