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Pit Bull Mix Injures 3 In Shadyside

| August 19, 2013, 10:34 AM | 38 Comments

Actual dog not pictured

UPDATE: From the Anne Arundel County Police Department:

On Sunday, August 18, 2013, at approximately 8:33 p.m., officers from the Southern District responded to the 4900 block of Filbert Drive in Shady Side for an aggressive animal. 

Upon arrival, officers located three female victims. The first victim, a 29-year-old female, received non-life threatening injuries after being bitten on her arm and leg. She was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment of her injuries. Investigation revealed the 29-year-old female victim went to pet a 2-year-old Pit Bull/Labrador mix on a cable lead in the front yard of a residence when the dog bit her and a 15-year-old female, who attempted to stop the attack. The dog was able to slide out of its collar and cause a minor injury to the 15-year-old’s arm. She was treated by fire department personnel and released from the scene. In addition, a 56-year-old female also intervened and sustained a very minor injury before the dog ran off.  She was also treated at the scene. The owners of the dog were able to contain the animal until Animal Control Officers arrived on scene and took possession of the dog. The investigation is ongoing at this time. 

The Capital
is reporting that a Pit Bull/Lab mix injured three people in Shady Side last night.

Three people were injured including a 15-year old girl. According to The Capital a woman attempted to pet the dog when it bit her. The teen tried to intervene and the dog slipped from its collar and ultimately bit another woman who tried to control the dog.

The dog’s owners were ultimately able to control the dog and it was placed in care of Animal Control. One woman was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center with bites to her arm and leg. The teen and the other woman were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

NOTE: Original headline utilized the word “attacks.” We revised it to “injures.”



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Comments (38)

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  1. Liz says:

    I would love to meet these people that think its ok to pet an animal on someone else’s property without permission.

  2. commonsense101 says:

    This is horribly sad that it happened to them. It really is. I would love more info. DId they know the dog? If not… I would never ever go to a strangers yard and try to pet a dog. He was on a lead. In his yard. Of course everyone is only going to see breed here. I know a grown man (as in he should of known better) that decided to go to pet a friendly dog in a neighbors side yard (that was on a tie out that did NOT reach the sidewalk area mind you). The dog barked and snarled when he got close but he still thought she was “cute”. He got bit several times. It was a lab.

  3. Common Sense says:

    So basically a 29-year-old female TRESPASSED onto someone’s property to pet a dog she didn’t know. The dog, not knowing the woman, bit her. Two woman aged 15 and 56 saw this and went onto the strangers property to help. As a result of coming onto the strangers property, they received minor injuries from the animal. The owners came to the scene and were able to control THEIR animal. Animal Control Officers arrived on scene and took possession of the dog while everything an investigation is conducted.

  4. John Frenaye says:

    It is unconfirmed at this point, but we have heard that the dog was known to the person who was bitten and always was friendly. Now granted, restrained and alone (presumably) on “his” property, a dog will be defensive and if the woman went on the property it technically was trespassing, but…

  5. John Frenaye says:

    It is unconfirmed at this point, but we have heard that the dog was known to the person who was bitten and always was friendly. Now granted, restrained and alone (presumably) on “his” property, a dog will be defensive and if the woman went on the property it technically was trespassing, but…

  6. John Frenaye says:

    It is unconfirmed at this point, but we have heard that the dog was known to the person who was bitten and always was friendly. Now granted, restrained and alone (presumably) on “his” property, a dog will be defensive and if the woman went on the property it technically was trespassing, but…

  7. toms says:

    Shoot the F/N dog and be done with it.

  8. Debbie Bell says:

    Good pits will attack just as “well” away from home. That’s needed in the fighting dogs, to be willing to fight on arrival at a distant pit, to attack another for no reason other than knowledge of the other’s existence.

  9. Debbie Bell says:

    Good pits do not give warning. Why give warning when good its want to attack? Read any pit bull book from before the mongering and propaganda began. Good pits do not give warning. Good pits do not give warning. Good pits do not give warning.

  10. Marc Brown says:

    Ah, so if a child ‘trespasses’ to pet a dog she knows, that would in any way excuse the dog viciously attacking? Get real. Legal technicalities aren’t relevant here. The pit bull needs to be put down. The landlord needs to pay the full pound for allowing a renter to keep a pit bull on the premises.

  11. Marc Brown says:

    It wasn’t a Lab. If they’re admitting it was a pit bull mix, you can bet they know if they’re forced to run a photo of the dog it’ll look pure pit bull. It’s time to ban pit bull type dogs and all their mixes from our neighborhoods. There is NO reason why it’s okay for a dog to maul a child, and the pit type is doing 90% of child mauling, 100% of child killing this year. Ban the things!

  12. Dean Smith says:

    Notice the picture on the articles says “actual dog not pictured”. It probably looks too much like a lab to picture it. So let me get this straight. A person that is old enough to know better, walks onto someone else’s property and goes to pet their dog and gets bit and it’s the dog’s fault?? The owner should not have just left the do unsupervised either.

  13. Dean Smith says:

    Band people that are just plain ignorant and need to go back to 3rd grade spelling!

  14. Dean Smith says:

    I’ve said the same thing. Don’t worry about the dog, beware of owner!

  15. Dean Smith says:

    Since when is a 29 year old a child? Your ignorance is blinding your common sense.

  16. Dean Smith says:

    It is common sense and the problem is there are people that don’t have any. Some of which have replied to you below. They are so scared by the media that they have become ignorant and blind to the truth.

  17. Thomas McCartney says:


    Betty Todd (January 8, 2013).
    65-years old | Hodges, SC.
    Betty Todd, 65-years old, was brutally killed by her son’s PIT BULL while babysitting his three children. Her son, Andrew Todd, and his wife were out to dinner at the time. The eldest child called her father, alerting him to the attack then “evacuated” her younger siblings out of the house. Deputies arrived to a bloody aggressive pit bull inside the home. When deputies were able to enter, they discovered the woman’s body lifeless on the living room floor covered in blood with bite wounds on her head, face and neck. The coroner’s report said that Betty died of severe neck and spinal injuries. The family had owned the pit bull for four years. The victim’s brother-in-law, David Todd, told the media, “This dog has never shown any aggression before.” It was later revealed that the dog had killed the family’s Siberian husky four months earlier. The pit bull had been neutered just days before killing Betty Todd in hopes of lowering its aggression.

    Christian Gormanous (January 19, 2013).
    4-years old | Montgomery County, TX.
    Christian Gormanous, 4-years old, was mauled to death by his neighbor’s chained PIT BULL. The attack occurred on a Saturday afternoon on the 5700 block of Pinehurst Drive in west Montgomery County. Christian and his 9-year old sister, Trinity, had been playing in their family’s backyard when the boy climbed over a chain-link fence into the neighbor’s yard. What awaited Christian was a dangerous dog, a chained pit bull. Though the animal was chained, the boy was still within its reach. The dog viciously attacked the boy. Trinity managed to get her younger brother back over the fence then ran and told her mother who called 911. The boy’s injuries were so severe, he was airlifted to a Houston hospital. The boy did not survive his injuries; he died at the hospital that evening. At the time of the attack, the boy’s mother had been feeding a newborn inside the home. Charges against the dog’s owner are not anticipated.

    Elsie Grace (February 8, 2013).
    91-years old | Hemet, CA.
    Elsie Grace, 91-years old, was discovered dead in a hotel room after being mauled to death by her son’s two PIT BULLS. Hemet police Lt. Duane Wisehart said the victim had “a great deal of trauma to her body.” Elsie and her son had been staying at the hotel because they were in the process of relocating to Hemet. Her son was away at the time of the deadly attack. Elsie was a nationally known watercolorist who taught for 33 years at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree. After her retirement, she was commissioned by La Quinta Hotel and painted 230 watercolor views of the hotel’s casitas. Elsie was also a member of the La Quinta Arts Association and exhibited her work at the La Quinta Arts Foundationʼs Art Under the Umbrellas event. Family members created a memorial website to celebrate her life and to start the Elsie Grace Scholarship for the Arts Fund.

  18. Thomas McCartney says:

    Nephi Selu (June 17, 2013).
    6-years old | Union City, CA.
    Nephi Selu, 6-years old, was bitten on the head by his uncle’s PIT BULL-MIX and died several hours later at a hospital in Palo Alto. The attack occurred at the boy’s grandparents’ Union City home where he and his mother had been staying for an extended period. The boy’s uncle, Keala Keanaaina, is a San Mateo police officer. His seven children and wife also reside at the home. Cousins he was playing with at the time of the attack said that Nephi had been “ridding the dog like a horse,” when it suddenly threw him down and clamped onto his head. Once alerted, Keanaaina took a hold of the dog by the jaw, and the animal released. The 2-year old male pit bull named Kava was the child’s “best friend,” according to his mother Tilema Selu. She said the attack came as a shock, “like one best friend turned on the other.” A Beware of Dog sign is posted on a fence at the family’s home. Neighbors always maintained the family owned two pit bulls, though this was not confirmed by police in media reports.

    Arianna Merrbach (June 25, 2013).
    5-years old | Effingham, SC.
    Arianna Merrbach, 5-years old, was mauled to death by a chained PIT BULL-MIX while visiting her aunt’s home. Florence County Coroner Keith Von Lutcken said the incident occurred at 11:15 am at 7208 Fork Road in Effingham. The girl was pronounced dead on scene. Responding firefighters said she walked up to the dog, which was chained at the home. Lula Waddle, who lives next door to where the girl was attacked, said the victim “grew up with the dogs.” Autopsy information was released one day after the fatal incident. Lutcken classified the girl’s death as accidental. The cause of death was due to multiple sharp blunt force injuries. Herbie Christmas with Florence County Environmental Services confirmed the dog was an adult pit bull-mix. He said it was the first fatal dog mauling in the county in the 17-years of his service. His agency seized the attacking pit bull along with two other pit bulls from the residence. The offending male dog was euthanized shortly after the fatal attack.

    Linda Oliver (July 1, 2013).
    63-years old | Dayton, TX.
    Linda Oliver, 63-years old, was viciously attacked by a stray dog she began caring for two weeks earlier. Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said Oliver called her husband that morning and said that the dog attacked the couple’s pet “weiner” dog then attacked her when she intervened. Helpless to save his wife — the husband was an hour away working in Pearland — he called 911. Deputies arrived at the couple’s home and found Oliver already dead on the living room floor covered in dog bites. Deputies confronted the dog named “Bruiser” and fired three shots at it, hitting the animal twice. The dog fled the property, prompting a search effort throughout the Woodland Hills subdivision where the couple lived. For nearly two days the dog eluded authorities. On the evening of July 2, deputies located the dog, described as a ROTTWEILER MASTIFF-MIX, and shot it to death. Friends said Oliver loved animals and often rescued abandoned pets. She was also the owner of Linda’s Dog Grooming in Dayton.

  19. Thomas McCartney says:

    Beau Rutledge (April 23, 2013).
    2-years old | Fulton County, GA.
    Beau Rutledge, 2-years old, was savagely killed by his family’s PIT BULL at his Wexford subdivision home. The boy’s mother told police she went to the bathroom and came back to find Beau dead from the attack. Police, emergency medical personnel and news media swarmed the cul-de-sac street. Neighbors called the scene “surreal.” First responders said the scene was “horrible,” so gruesome, police hung a sheet over the doorway of the home to keep it hidden from view. “I felt like I was in a horror film,” said one neighbor who briefly saw inside of the home. The family had owned the pit bull, named Kissy Face, for eight years. Though identified as a pit bull numerous times, including by police and Fulton County animal services, the American Journal-Constitution began calling the dog an “American Staffordshire terrier-mix,” an alias for the pit bull terrier for over 40-years, thus always included in the legal definition of a pit bull.

    Rachael Honabarger (May 2, 2013).
    35-years old | Coshocton, OH.
    Rachael Honabarger, 35-years old, was brutally attacked by her family GERMAN SHEPHERD, sustaining life-threatening injuries. A neighbor driving by her residence saw that she was in clear distress with the dog beside her. As the neighbor approached to help her, the dog began attacking her again, this time biting into her neck. There were no witnesses to the initial attack. The man was able to pull the dog off Honabarger and secure it in an outdoor kennel. He then called 911 and administered life-saving first aid until EMS arrived on scene. Rachael was transported to a local hospital then airlifted to Grant Medical Center in Columbus. She died two days later. Another neighbor said the dog was very aggressive, but never went beyond the property line; the dog guarded the family home. The male German shepherd was euthanized the day after her death and transported to the Ohio Department of Health for rabies testing. The results came back negative.

    Pamela Devitt (May 9, 2013).
    63-years old | Littlerock, CA.
    Pamela Devitt, 63-years old, was viciously mauled by four PIT BULLS while taking her morning walk. A passing motorist saw the woman on the ground being attacked and called 911. Authorities said her injuries included being “scalped” and one arm removed. The woman died en route to the hospital. Deputies began house-to-house ground and air searches to capture the dangerous dogs. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the “capture of the four killer pit bulls.” Detectives later received information that led to the service of a search warrant in a home near the site of the mauling. Authorities seized 8 dogs from the property — 6 were pit bulls. During the search, detectives uncovered a “marijuana grow” operation. Alex Jackson, 29-years old, was arrested on suspicion of cultivating marijuana. On May 29, after conducting DNA tests on the dogs, authorities charged Jackson with second-degree murder in connection to Devitt’s death.

    Carlton Freeman (May 12, 2013).
    80-years old | Harleyville, SC.
    Carlton Freeman, 80-years old, was dragged from his wheelchair by four PIT BULL-MIXS and savagely attacked. Freeman was a double leg amputee as a result of diabetes. Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet said that Freeman was going down the side of the road in his wheelchair when the dogs attacked. He was taken to Trident Hospital where he died four days later. “He had bites and lacerations from his legs to the top of his head,” Nisbet wrote in a news release. “Mr. Freeman was basically helpless [against] the attack.” Neighbors said the dogs had been roaming the area for months. Barbara Goodwin, also a neighbor, admitted to caring for three of the dogs. Authorities seized those dogs; each had traces of blood on their fur. Freeman’s family members, who witnessed the attack, identified all four dogs as pit bulls. During the investigation, deputies determined all four dogs to be feral and did not belong to any one person. At the request of the victim and his family, no charges were brought.

    Ayden Evans (June 9, 2013).
    5-years old | Jessieville, AR.
    Ayden Evans, 5-years old, was mauled to death by a BULLMASTIFF-MIX. The boy lived in Oklahoma, but was staying at his aunt’s house in Arkansas for the summer. Ayden was visiting his aunt’s neighbor, Lynne Geiling, when her dog attacked him. The animal came from another room and attacked the boy when Ayden became upset and started crying. Geiling was unable to separate the two until her husband arrived to help. The boy died on the way to the hospital from blood loss relating to head and neck injuries. The boy’s body was released to a funeral home in Hot Springs before his parents arrived from Oklahoma. They took their son’s body back home in an urn. After the attack, the dog fled the home. The escaped dog was found and shot by a neighbor the next day. After examining the dog, Hot Springs Animal Control said the dog “was at least 50 percent pit bull.” As of June 28, 2013, the investigation into the boy’s death is still open.

  20. Thomas McCartney says:

    Isaiah Aguilar (February 16, 2013).
    2-years old | Sabinal, TX.
    Isaiah Aguilar, 2-years old, was struck down by his neighbor’s PIT BULL. The boy had been playing with a balloon outside his home when the wind blew it into a neighbor’s backyard. When he chased after the balloon, he was attacked by a female pit bull tied up in the yard. Richard Aguilar, the boy’s father, said he was able to get into the neighbor’s yard because there was a huge hole in the fence. By the time Aguilar reached him, Isaiah had already stopped breathing. Police officers transported the child to a hospital in Uvalde, but he did not survive. According to the boy’s family, a person from the dog owner’s home opened the door during the attack, but did not help the boy. He just shook his head and shut the door. The pit bull — left tethered and unattended in an accessible yard — had committed vicious acts in the past, including: killing its own sire and attacking its own litter of puppies.

    Ryan Maxwell (March 2, 2013).
    7-years old | Galesburg, IL.
    Ryan Maxwell, 7-years old, was attacked and killed by a PIT BULL while visiting family friends at a home on Whiting Avenue. Ryan had spent the previous night at the home. At the time of the attack, the boy had been playing in the backyard. Investigators believe the dog was tethered before the attack, but broke free. When police arrived, the pit bull was still clamped onto the boy’s neck. After police “disengaged” the dog, the animal was shot to death to prevent additional attacks. The boy was transported to Cottage Hospital where he later died from his injuries. The owner of the pit bull, Ashiya Ferguson, said she tried everything she could to get the dog off the boy, including beating the dog with a shovel. “I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t stop it.” Ferguson repeated in anguish after the attack. She vowed to never own another pit bull again. In June, authorities announced that no charges would be filed. According to Knox County Assistant State’s Attorney Elisa Tanner, there was no evidence that a crime occurred.

    Daxton Borchardt (March 6, 2013).
    14-months old | Walworth, WI.
    Daxton Borchardt, 14-months old, was savagely mauled by his babysitter’s two PIT BULLS while under her care. Susan Iwicki, 30-years old, was babysitting the boy at her home on North Lakeshore Drive when her two pit bulls attacked. Iwicki called 911 stating that she and the boy were under attack by her two dogs. Capt. Dana Nigbor said that a deputy arrived at the attack scene just minutes after the call, which occurred outdoors. The deputy discovered Daxton in one of the rooms of Iwicki’s home. The toddler was fully naked and lying motionless on his back on the floor in a puddle of blood. He was barely alive. Daxton was transported to a hospital then airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with critical injuries. He died less than 3-hours later. Both pit bulls, each 3-years old and sterilized, were removed from the home and euthanized. No criminal charges against the babysitter are pending.

    Monica Laminack (March 27, 2013).
    21-months old | Ellabelle, GA.
    Monica Laminack, 21-months old, was mauled to death by a pack of family PIT BULLS in the backyard of her home. Authorities believe Monica crawled through a doggie door unnoticed and was attacked — the dogs lived both inside and outside the home. A 911 call at 6:36 pm reported the girl’s grandmother woke up from a nap after hearing dogs barking, looked out the back window and saw the attack happening. She and other family members rushed outside to pull the dogs off the toddler, but it was too late. Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith said that when EMS arrived on scene the child’s body was already cold, indicating she had been dead for awhile. Authorities believe Monica was attacked at about 6 pm, a half hour before the 911 call. The child’s 18-year old mother, Summer Laminack, two adult relatives and two young boys were inside the home during the mauling. Summer was subsequently charged with second-degree cruelty to children.

    Tyler Jett (April 7, 2013).
    7-years old | Callaway, FL.
    Tyler Jett, 7-years old, was brutally attacked by two PIT BULL-MIX dogs while playing in the front yard of his home on April 2. Tyler was flown to Scared Heart Medical Center in Pensacola with life-threatening injuries. The boy suffered a punctured carotid artery and his head, face and neck were badly bitten. The two dogs, owned by Edward Daniels II, 21-years old, escaped their owner’s fenced-in property prior to attacking. Several days earlier, Daniels had been cited for allowing his dogs to run free and terrorize neighbors. Daniels was charged with a felony count of tampering with evidence; he washed the blood off the face and paws of one of the dogs after the attack. Daniels was also charged with misdemeanor drug charges that arose from the investigation. Tyler did not regain consciousness while in intensive care. He died five days after the attack. Authorities subsequently upgraded the charges against Daniels to manslaughter.

    Claudia Gallardo (April 11, 2013).
    38-years old | Stockton, CA.
    Claudia Gallardo, 38-years old, was mauled to death by a “big, nasty PIT BULL according to Sgt. Tom Rees of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies received a report of a dog mauling in east Stockton about 8:20 pm. When deputies arrived, they found a woman in the driveway of a residence with massive wounds. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Neighbors said the same pit bull, named Russia, had been terrorizing the area for months. The owner of the dog, Brian Hrenko, was away when the attack occurred. His female roommate was home. She alleged the victim jumped over the front fence and claimed to be there to clean the house when the dog attacked. After being detained and questioned by police, Hrenko admitted that the victim had been to his home at least once before and had interacted well with his dog. As of April 25, 2013 there have been no additional updates.

    Jordyn Arndt (April 23, 2013).
    4-years old | Prairie City, IA.
    Jordyn Arndt, 4-years old, was viciously mauled by her babysitter’s PIT BULL while under her care. She was airlifted to Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines with life-threatening injuries. She died the following day. At the time of the attack, Jena Marie Wright, 24, had been babysitting Jordyn and her brother. The babysitting arrangement had started about two weeks earlier. According to news accounts, Jordyn was in the backyard of the home with Wright’s daughter, 3, when the dog attacked. Wright was arrested just hours after the girl died and charged with child endangerment resulting in death, a class B felony, and neglect or abandonment of a dependent person, a class C felony. The combined charges carry up to 35-years in prison. The Wright household told police the dog was an American Staffordshire terrier, an alias for the pit bull terrier since 1972, thus always included in the legal definition of a pit bull.

  21. Thomas McCartney says:

    BARBARA KAY: The Dog (Bite) Days of Summer.
    1 August 2013.

    Behaviourists (and I) call the cluster of breeds imbued with a genetically-endowed propensity for impulsive aggression – such as the mastiff, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentina and others – “pit bull type dogs.”.

    Earlier this month my esteemed colleague at the National Post, George Jonas, wrote a reminiscent column about irascible dogs.

    Dogs are a suitable topic for the dog days of summer, and – considering the additional time spent out of doors by children with exposed limbs – dog bites an even more timely theme. But, little did Jonas know, not being immersed as I am in the bizarre world of canine politics, that he committed an enormous faux (ahem) paw in his ruminations.

    The two dogs Jonas singled out as particularly ill-tempered were Soossee, a bitch “of uncertain breed,” but definitely containing some mastiff blood, and Muki, a Rottweiler hybrid, who bit him when he was a child, in the course of a dog fight Jonas attempted to break up.

    Later in his column, Jonas remarks: “Startle a Spaniel and it may cost you an upper lip; startle a Rottweiler and it’s likely to be an arm and a leg.” He is not wrong, but nowadays it is considered caninely incorrect to “stereotype” any breed, even though stereotyping is just another word for genetic line breeding.

    A mastiff is a larger version of a pit bull, and Rottweilers are first cousins to pit bulls. The genetic history of both the mastiff and the Rottweiler is rife with “impulsive aggression,” a consistent, often deadly trait, for which the pit bull (sometimes known by its image-laundering alias of American Staffordshire) is the poster canine.

    Many dog behaviourists (and I) call the cluster of breeds imbued with a genetically-endowed propensity for impulsive aggression – such as the mastiff, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentina and others – “pit bull type dogs.”.

    Most dogs will not attack humans under normal circumstances. Of those that have attacked humans, 70% are mixed-breeds, and 30% are purebreds. There are about 400 breeds of dog. Of them, only 44 are statistically represented in attacks on humans. Of the 44, pit bulls and Rottweilers account for 75% of the total actuarial risk for injury since 1982.

    When you get into the highest-damage categories of maulings, maimings, dismemberments and dog bite-related fatalities, it can truly be said that pit bulls and Rottweilers own the field.

    So Jonas did not distinguish the mastiff and Rottweiler hybrids out of malice. The malice encoded in those dogs’ genes created the high probability that they would exhibit memorably bad behaviour.

    Which brings us to the question of what to do if you are the victim or the witness to an attack by dogs like these. Pit bull type dogs do not just “bite,” as normal dogs do. They grip and tend not to let go. As they grip, they rend their way through flesh to the bone. Pit bulls have not earned the sobriquet of “land sharks” for nothing. Photographs of pit bull maulings bear a sickening likeness to shark attacks.

    It is never a good thing to intervene in any dog-on-dog fight (as George Jonas learned the hard way), but especially dangerous to put your hand anywhere near the mouth of a fighting dog, in case he redirects his murderous ferocity onto you.

    Once engaged, gripping dogs almost never react as normal dogs do to commands or painful blows to the head or body with sticks or baseball bats. Even bullets, unless they hit the brain or heart, can be fruitless in the case of pit bulls, as many policemen can attest. Either they don’t feel the pain as normal dogs do, or they feel it but their drive to fight to the death overrides it.

    One thing you can do if you’re desperate to stop the fight or attack is to lift a gripping dog’s hind legs high into the air. He can’t turn on you and he won’t be able to sustain his attack very well, even if he doesn’t let go. At least it allows for his owner to leash him while he is immobilized.

    Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People News, is the world’s leading investigative journalist/historian on the subject of fighting dogs. He strongly advises against hitting a gripping dog on the head with any object, as it won’t deflect the dog, and will likely serve only to drive the teeth further into the flesh. Pepper spray – illegal for citizens to carry in Canada – is not the best choice, as one has to get very near the dog to be effective, and the fumes spread with the breeze. In any case, according to Clifton, it is only successful about 40% of the time.

    Clifton’s rather surprising weapon of choice is a fire extinguisher, which has a success rate of about 70% with pit bulls. Unlike pepper spray, with a fire extinguisher, you can stand farther back and aim with precision.

    The spray suffocates them if they don’t let go. Obviously you won’t have a fire extinguisher handy in the normal course of a day’s outdoors activities, but in the U.S., of 123 fatal or maiming attacks on children in 2013 so far (120 of them by pit bull type dogs), 47 occurred on public streets, but 49 of them occurred at home. In those cases, a child’s life or limbs could have been saved by deployment of a handy fire extinguisher. Clifton always has a fire extinguisher in his car, a prudent idea that can’t do harm, and may prove useful in any number of scenarios.

    Not a cheery-beery topic, but the sobering fact is that because of misleading propaganda put out by the pit bull advocacy movement and Rottweiler fans, pit bulls are growing in popularity as pets; as a result, maimings of humans by pit bulls in North America have gone from 35 in 1992 to 184 in the first six months of 2013 (equal to all of 2012).

    The bottom line: Don’t intervene in a dog fight between normal dogs, as the fight will almost certainly resolve swiftly with relatively minor damage to either dog. Keep your own dogs, and especially kids in your care far, far away from pit bulls and Rottweilers (and in Canada to unleashed Huskies, whose track record for risk is problematic, often for geo-cultural reasons, a topic for another day).

    Most important for your own safety and that of the humans and animals you love: Don’t believe a word of the propagandist (pit) bullshit you hear and read. Fighting dogs really are high-risk dogs you should never “rescue” or buy.

  22. Thomas McCartney says:

    A pit bull BSL works EVERYWHERE it is useful in almost eliminating all serious dog attacks that maim, disfigure, dismember, maul, cripple.
    or kill, this is a simply proven fact in all cases.The number of pit bulls is dramatically reduced as are the numbers of them put to death.

    The need to have BSL is to have a preemptive capability to avoid a pit bull attack from happening due to it’s extremely savage consequences.

    It is enacted against all pit bulls as they all have the genetic DNA propensity to carry out these horrific attacks that are non existent in 99% of all other breeds, ban the breed and you ban the deed, simple as that.

    Dealing with an attack after the fact is simply not acceptable due to the horrific nature of said attacks.

    With any other breed other then Rottweiler’s, wolf hybrids and Akita’s and a few others in very small numbers it is not a naturally genetic reality for them to carry out such horrifying attacks.

    Hence they need to be dealt with in an aggressive reactive modality where all of the breed are not looked on as one but rather based on the actions of the individual misbehaving dog.

    This can be done in a very aggressive proactive manner so that as soon as a dog like a lab lets say starts behaving inappropriately severe consequences can be brought to bare on the owner and their dog in an escalating manner as needed to deal with a situation that has developed.

    This duel track approach can deal with the pits issue as other normal dog breeds can be dealt with as well so vicious dogs of other mainstream breeds are also held accountable for their actions.

    There should be mandatory Spay/Neuter programs for all breeds but clearly the one that needs it the most and where the most change would be effected would be with the Pit Bull type dog.

  23. Thomas McCartney says:

    19 dead by dog attack so far in 2013.
    Pit bull type dogs killed eighteen of them. Eleven of the eighteen dead are children.
    Stars indicate people killed by a ‘family’ pit bull – ones that had been raised and cherished as an indoor pet, ‘never showed aggression before’, and knew the victim.

    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (11):
    Christian Gormanous – 4 yrs old.
    Isaiah Aguilar – 2 yrs old.
    Ryan Maxwell – 7 yrs old **.
    Dax Borchardt – 14 mos old **.
    Monica Laminack – 21 mos old **.
    Tyler Jett – 7 yrs old.
    Jordyn Arndt – 4 yrs old **.
    Beau Rutlidge – 2 yrs old **.
    Ayden Evans- 5 yrs old **.
    Nephi Selu – 6 yrs old **.
    Arianna Jolee Merrbach – 5 yrs old.

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type (6):
    Betty Todd – 65 yrs old **.
    Elsie Grace – 91 yrs old **.
    Claudia Gallardo – 38 yrs old.
    Pamela Devitt – 63 yrs old.
    Carlton Freeman – 80 yrs old.
    Linda Oliver – 63 yrs old.

    (1 non-bite related fatality) James Hardin – 62 yrs old – chased into traffic by two attacking pit bulls.

    (1 non-pit type killing) [Rachel Honabarger – 35 yrs old – mauled to death by her own GSD mix].

    Two of the pit bull type dogs were BULL mastiffs, ie 40% pit-fighting bulldog.

    If 15 of 18 dead were killed directly by pit bull bites, that’s 83% dead by pit and 12% dead by ‘molosser’.

    If you count the pit-mix mastiffs as pit bull types, that’s 95% killed directly by pit bull type bites.

  24. Thomas McCartney says:

    Dogs are not humans, there is every reason to be threatened by a pit bull just because of what it is, no different then it would be to feel threatened by ANY bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. that you encountered, if they charged you then there would be justification to kill any of them if you were carrying, same thing with a pit bull, any pit pit bull.

    You can no more be biased or prejudiced against any pit bull then you can be so against any bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. so that is an absurd argument on the part of the nutters.

    That 4% of the dog population carries out 70%+ of the killings, mauling, crippling, disfiguring and dismembering attacks to such a disproportionate extent speaks for itself and to the genetic truth and reality that exists in any pit bull type dog, it is what it is and does what is in it’s DNA.This has been breed into them over 600 years and is their truth, they must therefore become extinct.

    Any other dog will bite and run giving you a few stitches, a pit bull will not stop till you are DEAD.What about that do you not understand, the difference between another dog’s bite and a pit bulls mauling and dismembering, disfiguring and killing.

  25. Thomas McCartney says:

    Sadly one does not even have to search for the many attacks of these savage mutant undog’s on humans and pets, there are literally hundreds of new incidents every day carried out by these disgusting creatures, here is another.

    These are all major daily newspapers and network TV station accurate factual reports with direct access to Doctors, ER’s Animal control officers, Police, the victims family, witnesses, the guilty pit nutters, all in news reports from major city newspapers and TV stations, as legit therefore as it possibly can be.

    There is only one breed that has every been or is a threat to public safety and that is the pit bull, the sooner they are exterminated the sooner tragic attacks like the one below will be ended.

    Ban the breed and end the deed

  26. Thomas McCartney says:

    Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to May.25, 2013.

    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Study highlights

    The combination of Pit Bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids and other Pit Bull Type Dogs:

    84% of attacks that induce bodily harm.

    75% of attacks to children.

    87% of attack to adults.

    72% of attacks that result in fatalities.

    80% that result in maiming.

  27. Thomas McCartney says:

    Cesar Millan quote unquote:

    “Yeah, but this is a different breed…the power that comes behind the bull dog, pit bull, presa canario, the fighting breed – They have an extra boost, they can go into a zone, they don’t feel the pain anymore. … So if you are trying to create submission in a fighting breed, it’s not going to happen.

    They would rather die than surrender. If you add pain, it only infuriates them…to them pain is that adrenaline rush, they are looking forward to that, they are addicted to it… That’s why they are such great fighters.”.

    He goes on to say: “Especially with fighting breeds, you’re going to have these explosions over and over because there’s no limits in their brain.” Wow, is that what you want in a pet? A dog that has “explosions over and over” in its brain?

  28. snowbird04 says:

    Yep, that is true, but there are morons out there with a false sense of security that do not believe that. Someone like the the person that gave you a negative point. Some people are clueless!!!

  29. snowbird04 says:


    The more ignorant people like you push for bans, the more people like me and canine experts will create laws that outlaws breed specific legislation. And these laws are passing with landslide decisions from lawmakers, because canine experts and reputable canine organizations show up in droves explaining why dog attacks happen, and these politicians typically listen to experts, rather than doomsayers that are ignorant…. like you!!

  30. snowbird04 says:

    I had a purebred English lab people thought was a pit bull mix. Many people do not understand English labs are larger, stockier, and have a squared off head, just like a pit bull and so many other breeds.

  31. snowbird04 says:

    If you ran into the street without looking, and got ran over by a car, it would be your fault. if you walked into someone’s yard, and got attacked by their dog, it would be your fault. Have you lost your mind Pame?

  32. snowbird04 says:

    Over 70% of dog attacks happen from chained dogs. Still though, the person had no right to be on the property.

  33. Dean Smith says:

    There are a lot of people that don’t have a clue. English labs look nothing like a staffordshire terrier. These are the people that think bulldogs and boxers are “pit bulls” too.

  34. Dean Smith says:

    People’s heads aren’t there just to wear hats. They are there to house a brain for them to use.

  35. Angel Alder says:

    I’m a pitbull lover! I have a red nose female pit. I’ve had her since she was a puppy and she has never done this. People really need to stop blamibg the breed and blame the bad owners. They are good dogs. I’m so sick of seeing everything bad about pits. It’s not true what people say about them.

  36. @Tytymandingo says:

    – you should never chain a dog….at all ….. it creates this mentality

  37. @Tytymandingo says:

    Any chance of you fostering? Safe haven here in georgetown delaware is going through some substantial issues.

  38. @Tytymandingo says:

    Pame, blaming the aggressor like that in such a generalized form, is like saying every (insert race here )person is dangerous because some were ill raised. It’s just an illogical argument.

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