June 12, 2024
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Paone Files To Retain His Council Seat

paone press release 080113Ward 2 Alderman Fred Paone, many times the lone voice of fiscal sense on the Annapolis City Council, filed last week for re-election.

In a speech to supporters, Alderman Paone said, “The last four years have been very rewarding for me and I have enjoyed serving the communities of West Annapolis, Admiral Heights, Homewood, Taylor Avenue and Clay Street as their representative to the Annapolis City Council.

The last four years have also been very challenging. In that time, the City’s debt has grown to over $250 million. That is equivalent to about $25,000 for the average Annapolis family of four. That is money the citizens of Annapolis owe! It is so bad, the Mayor has even mortgaged the sewer lines in order to secure more loans from the bank.

The Mayor proudly announced that he should be congratulated for balancing the budget. Only in a fiscal “Alice In Wonderland” can you use money that belongs to someone else and then declare that you have balanced the budget.

The fact is that we are close to bankruptcy and a majority of our elected officials do not care!

I am running for re-election because I love our City and I do care and I am encouraged that in this election the voters will have a choice. There are already at least three mayoral challengers who have emerged. Annapolis voters have an opportunity to re-set the clock and usher in a new era of fiscal restraint and sanity.”

Alderman Fred Paone was first elected to the City Council in a Special Election in 2007 and then re-elected in 2010. A lifelong resident of Annapolis, Fred and his wife, Anne, reside in Admiral Heights in a home they have lived in for many years. They have one child. Fred retired from the Office of the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney in 2008 and continues to work part-time handling District Court dockets. In his remaining spare time, Fred is an avid Orioles fan. Kemp Hammond, a lifelong Annapolis resident of Ward 2 and a local attorney, is the campaign’s treasurer.

Election Rundown


  • Josh Cohen* (D)
  • Bob O’Shea (R)
  • Mike Pantelides (R)

Ward 1:

  • Joe Budge* (D)
  • Thomas McCarthy (D)

Ward 2:

  • Fred Paone* (R)
  • Kurt Riegel (D)
  • Tim Mennuti (D)

Ward 3:

  • Rhonda Pindell Charles (D)

Ward 4:

  • Sheila Finlayson (D)

Ward 5:

  • Jared Littmann (D)

Ward 6:

  • Kenny Kirby* ** (D)
  • Steven Conn (I)

Ward 7:

  • Ian Pfeiffer* (D)
  • James T Clenny (R)

Ward 8:

  • Ross Arnett* (D)

* Incumbent

** Has not officially filed yet, but has announced he intends to file by Monday’s deadline.


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