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Mid-Atlantic Battle Of The Bands — August 23rd

| August 15, 2013, 10:56 AM | 0 Comments

Jammin Java gives the local music scene a chance to show off their incredible talent at the ninth annual Mid-Atlantic Battle of the Bands on Friday, August 23rd at 7:30 pm. The five bands that made it through the semi-finals were Holly Would…, Cyrenic, Tattooed Beach Sluts, Sub-Radio Standard, and Simone and the Spectrum. Tickets can be bought here:

Holly WouldHolly Would…

Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock

Holly Would… is singer and guitarist David Elliott, bassist Kevin Criner, and Cory Ward on drums.  Holly Would… is currently touring extensively in support of their debut full length record “If Word Got Out…”  They are very excited to bring their one of a kind, high energy rock performance back to Jammin’ Java.  Keep posted on their website and social media sites for exciting news and updates, including the coming release of music video for their single “xjulietx.”

Check them out on Facebook:


Genre: Modern Rock

The combination of superb songwriting, infectious riffs and soaring melodies with intense beats and vocals that will give you goose bumps is what sets this Baltimore based Modern Rock band apart from the crowd.

Starting as the one man project of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist/producer Brian Zuckerman, Cyrenic has turned into the crowd-captivating four piece which has taken the songs, lyrics and instrumentation to the next level.

Their latest album “Dying to Live” has been nominated for numerous Modern Rock awards including “Album of the Year”, “Best Vocal Performance”, “Best Guitar Performance”, “Songwriter” and “Single of the Year (A Killer to Save us)”. They are currently writing and recording their fourth full-length album.

Check them out on Facebook:

Tattooed Beach Sluts

Tattooed Beach SlutsGenre: Contemporary-New-Wave-Classic-Alternative-Indie Rock

These fun-loving  guys are straight out of Vienna, Virginia. The band consists four members. First up is lead vocalist, pianist and doctor Nathan L’Etoile. Philip Casey Bates is their guitarist and RCA (Resident Chess Authority). “Just” Beatty is their black magician, dog guru, and bassist. Their fourth, and newest, member is their drummer, Alex Crowe. They want to shout out to their band mom, Mama “Ma” L’Etoile.

Check them out on Facebook:

Sub-Radio Standard

Genre:  Pop-Rock

Started in 2009, Sub-Radio Standard is a six piece band out of Sterling, Virginia. They met at their high school and have been writing, recording, and performing ever since. They came up with their name using a Best Buy ad. Matt Prodanovich (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and John Fengya (Keyboard/Guitar) had been experimenting with melodies and riffs since 2005; but there’s only so much ground to cover with two guitarists and no rhythm section. Multi-instrumentalist Michael Pereira, with the talent to be a third guitarist, instead became a self-taught drummer in 2008 and the group started to think of itself as a band. Adam Bradley (Lead Vocals) joined the group in 2010 after the briefest of solo careers (read: two YouTube videos) and the group found a musical niche, nestling in between the piano-driven alt-rock of Oasis (“I Am The Desert”, “Interior Lighting”) and the acoustic harmonies of Jack’s Mannequin (“Nothing Wrong”, “Amber”). With the addition of a crowd-pleasing bassist in Mark (Barry) Siford and a rhythm guitarist in Mike Chinen to plug gaps in their sound, SRS was suddenly overflowing with explosively catchy songs.

Their debut self-titled album, recorded with platinum-winning producer Jim Ebert and due for digital release this summer, is a testament to the band’s rapid maturation. The band seems to shift between genres and arrangements effortlessly, all the while crafting a coherent sound. Songs like album closer “Interior Lighting” illustrate SRS’s signature style: shimmering guitars, melodic piano, and instantly recognizable vocals, building to an explosive finish. Bradley’s lyrics twist and turn, leaping from bright-eyed innocence to reflective cynicism: “Well the music’s off and the fire’s dead/But your song’s still burning in my head”. Slow-burning songs with dramatic emotional release; that’s what Sub-Radio Standard is all about.

Check them out on Facebook:

Simone and the Spectrum

Genre: Indie Pop

Simone and the Spectrum are quickly catching the eyes and ears of all those who see and hear them. Simone Sattler’s infectious blend of indie-pop piano and striking vocals combines with her Spectrum to form a quizzical and uplifting sound. Guitarist John Nugent, bassist Troy Tyrer and drummer John Werthmann fill out the quartet, each bringing technical skill and years of experience as music majors at area universities. The band is currently performing at numerous venues around the Mid-Atlantic and is in the studio recording their first full length record.

Check them out on Facebook:

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