February 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 47 F

Election Board Allows Kirby To Remain On Ballot

kirbyIn a nearly two hour meeting last night, the Annapolis Board of Elections decided to dismiss the challenges levied against sitting Alderman Kenny Kirby’s candidacy clearing the way for the Alderman to seek a second term in office.

Several challenges were presented to the Board of Elections including his residency and his failure to abide by rules surrounding the filing of campaign finance reports.

The Board convened in public session last night at 7:00pm and then went into an private session to discuss the matter with the City Attorney. They re-convened a public session where the public was allowed to testify on the matter.  Kirby was represented by local attorney Eric Lipsetts who also represented the Alderman when he was found to be living illegally in a HACA property last year.

Kirby will run unopposed in the primary next month and will face Independent Steven Conn in the general election in November.

Capital Reporter, Jack Lambert attended the meeting covered the meeting on Twitter as it evolved.














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  1. Please stop the smears John. Kenny was never ‘illegally’ in anyones property. You know this very well.

  2. What is the term you prefer Chuck? He was residing in a federally subsidized housing unit and was not on the lease, nor was he listed as a guest. If it was all on the up and up, why did he leave the HACA property and rent a place on Bricin?

  3. There is the problem. You have decided to become judge and jury. You declare it to be illegal, no judge or even an accusation by the police. Just John. Judge and jury.

    There is NO requirement that relatives and guests of HACA residents declare themselves. Oh, but in your world they do? We are a nation of laws. That you want to throw out the window.

    You are a bigoted echo chamber for The Capital. Why on earth should anyone listen?

  4. Not at all Chuck. I am sorry that you cannot comment without resorting to name calling.

    You are aware that the word “illegal” does not necessarily mean in a criminal sense? Perhaps that is your own predilection, but please do not try to pass it off as mine. Illegal forward pass in football? Illegal catch in fishing? Illegal move in chess or backgammon?

    HACA does have a requirement for tenants to report and get authorization for guests to remain in the unit for longer than 14 days a year. (20.1 L)


    I do think that Kirby has done a good job for his constituents and I am sure most will agree with that.

    Can you please let me know which laws I suggested be ignored? The BOE received a few complaints. They looked into it–as they should have. And as they should have for any other candidate. They met, discussed, considered, and came forward with a decision. Seems like it worked out well for everyone and the process works exactly as it should have.

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