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Crystal Spring Offers Up Facts In Letter to Citizens

crystal-logo-interiorThe City Dock Master Plan and 110 Compromise Street are not the only contentious development in Annapolis. Crystal Spring, a mixed community consisting of assisted senior living, retail, hotel and entertainment is working their way through the process of doing business in Annapolis.

As is the norm for Annapolis, there are two factions surrounding Crystal Spring–those for it, and those against it. And both are very vocal.

The opponents are decrying the loss of trees in what is arguably the largest remaining forest in Annapolis, the additional traffic, and the additional burden on the surrounding schools from the non-senior housing units projected to be sold.

Eye On Annapolis learned this afternoon that the traffic study will be released next week. Many had been asking for this for a long time, and the City explained that they were waiting on comments from Anne Arundel County to be incorporated into it to release it.

Crystal Spring has been presenting informational sessions in the area for several months and today released a letter addressed to all citizens of Annapolis to clear up some of the misinformation surrounding the project. The project is still a long way from being a done deal and the City and developers will need to answer to the concerns of the Citizens.  Ward 5 Alderman, Jared Littmann, has not voiced an opinion on the project one way or the other, preferring to assimilate all of the facts for review.  Many of Littmann’s constituents live in Hunt Meadow and down Spa Road and would be most impacted by the development; of course there are ramifications throughout the City and other Wards as well.

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