December 5, 2023
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Watermark Schools Captains On Skincare

Captain Dean Scarborough introduces Doctors Krista Buckley, DO and Christina Ambro, MD to speak on skin health at Watermark’s July Captain’s Meeting. (Courtesy Photo)
Captain Dean Scarborough introduces Doctors Krista Buckley, DO and Christina Ambro, MD to speak on skin health at Watermark’s July Captain’s Meeting. (Courtesy Photo)

“How many people here have had their nose cut off?” asked Captain Dean Scarborough. And that’s how company meetings kick off when you work on the water and in the sun like the Captains at Cruises on the Bay™ by Watermark®. The featured topic at Watermark’s July Captain’s Meeting was “Sun Sense” presented by Annapolis Dermatology Center doctors Krista Buckley, DO and Christina Ambro, MD. Around 20 Captains were in attendance onboard Watermark’s Catherine Marie to listen to the important message of skin health.

Having previously helped several Watermark Captains with skin cancer issues in the past, the Doctors’ message was an important one for this water and sun loving crowd. “The skin is your largest organ,” began Dr. Buckley’s short PowerPoint presentation. “There is a cumulative effect of sun damage. When you get a tan, it’s your skin’s reaction to protect you from sun damage,” she continued. There is no such thing as a healthy tan emphasized Dr. Buckley, and damage still occurs to the skin.

Captain’s listened attentively as they spend long days in the Chesapeake Bay sunshine from February to December aboard Watermark yachts. “Even when you’re under cover or in the wheelhouse behind glass, you are getting hit by UV rays,” said Dr. Ambro. She recommended using a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Even water resistant sunscreen should be applied every 1-2 hours.  When asked which is worse, UVB or UVA rays, Dr. Buckley said, “Both. It was previously thought that UVB rays caused more damage but recent studies show the deep penetration of UVA rays are equally damaging.” She also recommended immediate action if something on your skin did not look or feel right.

“We tell people to use the A B C D E method of accessing potential problems with your skin,” Dr. Buckley continued. This includes A=Asymmetry, B=Border, C=Color, D=Diameter, E=Evolving. “If there are changes in any of these traits, you should not ignore it but have it checked out by a dermatologist,” Dr. Buckley emphasized. Captain Sam Moynihan said, “I see Dr. Buckley on a regular basis and tell her I’m helping her with her twins’ future education. She tells me she’s saving my life.”

Captain Dean Scarborough is Watermark’s Interim Director of Vessel Operations and Company Safety and Security Officer. Scarborough plans the monthly Watermark Captain Meetings to cover the topics of safety, leadership and training to help Watermark Captains and Crew maintain top levels of seamanship, customer service, safety and industry knowledge.  Whether captains have been with Watermark for 1 year or 20 years, ongoing training is both encouraged and required. Watermark employs over 30 professional sea Captains who come from many varied backgrounds.

If you’re interested in becoming a captain with Watermark, visit for an application or call Watermark’s Vessel Operations office at 410-268-9041. Annapolis Dermatology Center is located at 71 Old Mill Bottom Road N, Suite 300 in Annapolis, Maryland. Learn more about their services, visit

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