April 22, 2024
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Save Annapolis: HPC Recommends Using Existing Zoning For Redevelopment

save annapolisAccording to comments made in a letter to the Annapolis City Council, the Annapolis Historic Planning Commission recommends that rather than adjusting height and bulk limits as proposed in O-7-13, the City pursue development under existing zoning variances.

From page 2 of letter HPC writes:

“The HPC recommends that the Council not alter the zoning maps within the code as O-7-13 proposes, but rather allow for a variance from the map height requirements up to the amount that the FEMA base flood elevation demands to allow for rehabilitation or new construction.”

The Annapolis Historic Planning Commission (HPC) confirms the concerns voiced by the Coalition to Save Annapolis.

“Save Annapolis agrees with HPC. There is no reason that the developers can’t build on the old ‘Fawcetts’ site under current zoning standards. There is no need for the proposed ordinance,” said Ellen Moyers, Save Annapolis Steering Committee member and resident of the 8th Ward.

“We urge the Mayor and the City Council to to withdraw the ordinance and pursue development of the 110 Compromise Street under current zoning,” said Heather Ford, campaign manager of Save Annapolis.

“We look forward to working together to draft a full comprehensive City Dock Master Plan.” she added.

Source: Save Annapolis
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