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Pasadena Man Shoots, Kills, Girlfriend’s Newly Adopted Dog

| July 29, 2013, 08:27 AM | 33 Comments

Clint MowryOn July 27, 2013, at approximately 9:22 p.m., officers from the Eastern District responded to the 700 block of 224th Street in Pasadena for a report of shots fired.

While en route, further information was received indicating that a male suspect had just shot the victim’s dog. The caller was uncertain if the suspect was still in the home or of the condition of her dog. Arriving units located a male suspect in the front yard matching the description provided by the victim. The suspect was immediately taken into custody. Officers then began to search the home and discovered a small, mixed breed dog in the kitchen deceased from an apparent gunshot wound.

Officers learned that the suspect and caller were boyfriend and girlfriend and that the dog was recently adopted. When the dog nipped at the male suspect, he became enraged and retrieved a handgun. The suspect’s girlfriend attempted to retrieve the dog and leave with it, but the suspect chased the dog into the kitchen, where he shot and killed the dog. The male was transported for processing and was charged with Cruelty to Animals and Reckless Endangerment.

Suspect: Clint Matthew Mowry, 33, of  224th Street, Pasadena Md

Source: AACoPD

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Comments (33)

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  1. Jessica K. Martin says:

    Asshole deserves prison time. Worthless shitpile excuse for a human being. And he has small children too. I wonder if he treats them the way he treated this dog? Or if he’d have shot the dog if they belonged to his daughters? Do they know their daddy is a dog murderer?

  2. steph michele says:

    fucker deserves a fucking buckshot in his arse…leave him bleed out without mercy.

  3. ginny4866 says:

    Praying this POS gets serious jail time with a cellmate who is an animal lover!!

  4. emsinmd says:

    good grief. I hope, at the very least, the girlfriend dumped this snake of a “man.” Good thing the dog wasn’t a curious or affectionate toddler.

  5. tangledvine says:

    I feel so badly for the dog. As for the girlfriend, I hope she sees this as clear evidence of where her life with this pos was headed and that she gets out. As for the shooter, he needs jail time and anger counseling. A record future partners can search to see that he is twisted.

  6. calgarth says:

    Why are police even involved in this incident? Don’t they have anything better to do? The man was clearly defending himself. If a freaking dog bit me, I would have done the same thing!

  7. calgarth says:

    A dog is NOT a child and if the bad-tempered fleabag bit an adult male, just think of what it could have done to one of those children. The man did the right thing. The only thing he did wrong was allowing his “girlfriend” to bring the dog home in the first place! Additionally, if the mutt died instantly, the man is NOT guilty of “cruelty to animals.”

  8. Barbara Brown says:

    He IS guilty of cruelty to animals, and if his children were in the house he is just as guilty of child abuse! Animals have the right to fight back when abused too you raging piece of SHAT! If this man was bitten by this poor “SMALL” mix breed dog I would say there is likely a dang good reason! You should be lined up and shot right along with him!

  9. Barbara Brown says:

    “The only thing he did wrong was allowing his “girlfriend” to bring the dog home in the first place!”
    WHAT A PIECE OF WORK YOU ARE! I got news for you buddy! NO ONE OWNS WOMEN! Women do NOT need to ask “permission” of some MAN to save a dog! You are some codependent freak!

  10. Tambra Galid says:

    You are a person who doesn’t need to be around other people, animals or anything else that might provoke you. A dog nipping at heels could mean anything from aggression to playfulness. You’re an idiot if you think pulling a gun out to solve this problem is the answer.

  11. calgarth says:

    If it was HIS house, then it was HIS decision whether not she brought home a dog. “Animals have the right to fight back”? Where do you get your information? The article says nothing about the man doing anything to the worthless mutt until it attacked him! You are one pitiful excuse for a human being, Barbara Brown, not to mention a total hypocrite! Dogs are animals and animals are slaughtered by the thousands every single day. Why aren’t you down at the slaughterhouse protesting all those chickens, pigs, cows, etc. that are being inhumanely killed instead of wasting your time on one worthless mutt that at least was killed humanely with a shotgun blast?!

  12. calgarth says:

    Read the freaking statute!

  13. calgarth says:

    Any fleabag that bites me, a member of my family or threatens my livestock is a dead dog! The law allows people to defend themselves, others and their property against dogs. However, the guy is an idiot if he shot the worthless mutt inside the house. Of course, he’s an idiot for allowing it inside the house!

  14. animalluvr47 says:

    why are you even alive?

  15. DL says:

    You are a sick person

  16. Tambra Galid says:

    It didn’t say the dog bit him. The story said the dog nipped at him. Nipped means it didn’t break the skin, didn’t hurt him at all. This guy, and you apparently, have pathological anger issues and are probably both sociopathic. You need help.

  17. David Dahl says:

    He isn’t “guilty” of anything, until he is charged in a court of law. He has been processed and brought to jail. Wow the intelligence of the sheeple on here saddens me.

  18. David Dahl says:

    Of course you know them… Then you would also know his criminal record is public info. and he’s been in/out of jail before.

  19. Jamie says:

    Someone please click on calgarth’s name. You will see that this person spends a LOT of time making comments on dog articles. I wouldn’t concern yourself with this man/ woman. People who obviously spend hours upon hours scouring the internet for dog related articles, and then posting their ignorance are very rarely the kind of people who actually get up and make any kind of change. Let Calgarth live in ignorance, if that is the path this person choses.

    Much love and peace.

  20. dduncan says:

    We all know you don’t want a dog messing with your livestock, what else would you have to relieve you of your sexual tensions.

  21. Smith says:

    calgarth You are just uninformed. So sad for you. Can’t believe you think shooting the dog was justified. You are just one more thing wrong with this world

  22. Smith says:

    I think calgarth just wants attention. Lets not give him anymore

  23. shel says:

    Not all Pit Bulls are dangerous. I’ve had three, all complete sweethearts. They are who teaches them. If they are treated badly and their owners are cruel and aggressive, they will obviously start to become what they are being raised by. All three of my Pit Bulls were raised with love and NEVER ever took a nibble at someone. I think you should stop being so close-minded. I’ve met chihuahuas more vicious than most Pits.

  24. Barbara Brown says:

    I got news for you buddy, I do more for animals than you can even dream about! I also care about stopping child murderers and abusers, which usually start by killing….you guessed it ANIMALS! You are nothing but a piece of shat if you think that “one worthless mutt” doesn’t deserve justice for it’s murder; I have news for you, “killed humanely” and “shotgun” do NOT belong in the same sentence! I don’t condone the killing of ANY animal out of anger! And I don’t condone the inhumane killing of animals for food either! I do and have protested slaughter houses; I have rescued animals, both from shelters and right off the street; I have signed petitions and marched for animal rights, as well as human rights; what have you done for humanity you piece of crap!

  25. Barbara Brown says:

    and on another note, even if it WAS his house, he obviously let his girlfriend live there which makes it HER house too! I don’t know where you get YOUR information, because it doesn’t specify WHO owned the house in the article! For all YOU know this was HER HOUSE! God you are infuriating!! Women are not objects to OWN and ABUSE as you please!

  26. Barbara Brown says:

    Being guilty of abuse/murder has NOTHING to do with being charged with a crime. He told the officer he shot the dog, that means he is guilty of shooting the dog which is ABUSE AND MURDER dipwad! He can be guilty as sin and still be found “not guilty” by the courts, but I would be willing to bet that ain’t gonna happen. He will be found guilty, and then some crack pot judge will give him some pathetic “time served” or “probation”. That is what almost always happens in these cases. You wanna know why? BECAUSE ASSHATS LIKE YOU THAT SAY “IT’S JUST A MANGY DOG!

  27. Barbara Brown says:

    I am beginning to see a pattern with calgarth, it appears to me he may actually be this scum sucker that shot this dog. He seams to think that the scum sucker somehow has ownership of his girlfriend, and that shooting the dog was punishment for her not asking “permission” to bring a dog home. The article says NOTHING about the things he is defending; yet he is certain in his opinion that none of us have a clue what happened, but neither should he…..unless he was there. Seams he is the ONLY one on this thread that thinks this “mangy mutt” the “bad tempered flea bag” deserved to be shot, and is defending the scum sucker with vigor. I call SHENANIGANS!

  28. Barbara Brown says:

    You know what; I take back my last post, calgarth is just a bitter hateful fart that hates dogs in general.What a vile creature! Dogs know when people are bad people, they can smell it! Bad people tend to HATE dogs, because they cannot hide the vile creatures they are from the dogs keen sense of smell.

  29. Barbara Brown says:

    People who abuse animals tend to move on to humans. Anyone capable of shooting a small dog is readily capable of doing the same to a small child. There is something wrong with your morality if you can harm small creatures like this; there seems to be a direct correlation between animal abusers and child abusers, well documented fact!

  30. Barbara Brown says:

    It’s the innocent children you should worry about when monsters like this go free. Daddy is just as capable of doing the same to them; in fact as I have said before there is a direct correlation between animal abuse and child abuse. How do you know this mans child didn’t breathe a sigh of relief seeing their abuser hauled off by police? They may very well understand better than you that he is capable of such heinous acts…..I did when they finally took my father away.

  31. Barbara Brown says:

    And on another note: after getting to know “humanity” the way I have, I can safely say that dogs are MUCH more worthy of life than most humans.

  32. richard says:

    Get me a sandwich woman.

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