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Jammin Java’s Battle Of The Bands

| July 09, 2013, 03:48 PM | 0 Comments

Jammin JavaJammin Java’s Battle of the Bands showed off the talents of The Unlikely Hero, Throwing Wrenches, All About Autumn, FLUX180, Blue Sky Deep, and Holly Would…. The winner of each Battle of the Bands competes with the other winners on August  23rd for a chance to win $2500 cash, their own headlining show, studio time, and much more.

The Unlikely Hero, hailing from Southern Maryland, was the first to take the stage in the battle. In I Guess This Makes Me Captain, guitarist David Washington showed off his talent with strong, catchy riffs and an awesome bridge. Vocalist Philip Washington really put his heart into the second song, The Kid Who Never Did Anything Right. It was a faster song, and David had fun dancing around the stage. Drummer Zach Baturin took center stage during the bridge, surprising the audience with an awesome drum solo. Philip showed his versatility as a singer, also rapping during The Kid Who Never Did Anything Right. During Traveling Song, a slower side of The Unlikely Hero emerged. A beautiful guitar performance by Philip and David Washington accompanied Philip’s beautiful lyrics and high notes. All in all, The Unlikely Hero is a band to watch. They are playing in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Club Relevant on July 12th, and in Springfield, Virginia at the Empire Battle of the Bands on July 20th.

Definitely the youngest performers, Throwing Wrenches took the stage next. They played with exceptional skill and confidence. Vocalist and keyboardist Shyaer Parvez, age 14, wowed the audience from the beginning with his mature vocals. During Stream Line, guitarist Jacob Elder, age 15, used his guitar effects to his advantage, creating cool sounds with his pedal board. Drummer Nick Morper, age 13, made a seamless transition into their second song, a cover of Cult of Personality. Bassist Ian Aleman, age 15, showed off his talent, as with each of the young maestros. Definitely a band to watch, their mature talent combined with their young energy makes Throwing Wrenches a band that can only get better.

The third out of six to play, All About Autumn is comprised of lead guitarist and vocalist Troy Batey, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Zach Dooley, and drummer Keith Reynolds. This good looking trio started with Someone Like You. Dooley obviously had fun, dancing around the stage and making faces at the audience. With an awesome transition into the second song, Worth It All, Dooley grabbed an acoustic electric guitar while Batey sang beautifully. The cute lyrics, such as “You’re worth it all,” brought an “awww” factor to the table. Make A Change had a happy, dancing beat courtesy of Reynolds. Batey had an awesome riff as Dooley instigated the audience with peace signs and more clapping. All About Autumn ended their set with Dream Girl, loaded with more cute lyrics such as “I still get butterflies,” and awesome acoustic talent. Dooley even danced during the bridge as Batey sang. All About Autumn’s unique talent and super cute lyrics make them a feel good band, definitely one to listen to. They will be playing in Charlottesville at The Box on July 23rd, at Gillie’s in Blacksburg on August 8th, and they will be releasing their third EP “Under The Sunset” at the end of August.

FLUX180 brought the night’s first and only female singer. Jamere Ni’Cole had the upmost flawless voice, and paired with J.R. Moore and Carey “Bamboo” Boyd, FLUX180 was unstoppable. They started with an amazing rendition of Run This Town, followed by original songs Curvy M.K. and I Stand. Drummer Joshua Roberts was so intense, he managed to break his drumsticks! He kept an awesome beat with Philip “Phunk” Thomas, the percussionist. It was no small feat to fit the six-piece band on stage, with the additional  Jonathan Woods on bass and Sentanna “Scoonie” Quarles on keyboard. It was evident that they put their time and soul into their songs, as the songs were riddled with well-rehearsed solo and breaks. Each member looked as if they were having the time of their life, the guitarist danced around as he played. FLUX180 is a band to see only if you want to jam out and have a great time. They will be performing with RawArtists in August, and have an official mix tape to be released in mid-August as well.

The fifth band to take the stage was Blue Sky Deep. Starting with Goddamn Electrical, the band used trippy effects and great vocals to make a fun, dancing song. A unique trait of Blue Sky Deep is that every member possesses the ability to sing. Phil Wood and Donovan Peterson both played guitar and sang. Drummer Skye Paddock kept a steady, fun beat throughout each song, while bassist Bailey Straw complimented the drums. Their last two songs, The Middle of Things and Pineapple Jam, used cool guitar effects and a funky beat to get the audience dancing. Both had cool bridges, and showed off the band’s potential to progress further. You can catch Blue Sky Deep  at the Velvet Lounge on July 7th.

The final band to take the stage also won that night’s battle. Holly Would…’s explosive performance, limitless energy and youthfulness worked in their favor. Starting with xjulietx, singer David Elliott showed off his exceptional vocals. The beginning was very ska-like, but turned into a more rock song seamlessly. Drummer Cory Ward played with crazy awesome talent as Kevin Criner danced around on bass. Their second song, Ida, had Elliott instigating the audience, shouting out to them. Guitarist Logan Shermeyer added to the controlled chaos with talented riffs. An easy transition to The Nature Boy had Elliott to talking to the audience again. The crowd absolutely loved it, cheering them on. Elliott couldn’t sit still, flinging himself around the stage as Criner danced along. It was clear that the band loved being on stage, wide smiles were on every members’ face. Elliott showed off his guitar skill, astounding the audience as he used his eyes to captivate the crowd. Their final song, Debauchery, had the audience face-to-face with Elliott as he jumped into the crowd. His energy was contagious, the entire crowd clapped and cheered as he slunk to the floor and crawled around. The band is on the same wavelength, working flawlessly together. Holly Would… is the epitome of everything a band can do right. They will be playing on August 23rd for a chance to win the grand prize. If you want to see an unforgettable concert, you can buy tickets here: https://jamminjava.com/events/jamminjava-midatlantic-bandbattle-finals-aug23 . Also, they will be playing at the Tally Ho Theater on July 12th, July 30th at The Kingdom with Sparks The Rescue, and August 24th at the Empire with The Dangerous Summer.

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