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Eagles Bring Show To DC

Forming over 40 years ago in Los Angeles, CA the Eagles founders Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, took the stage Monday night at the Verizon Center in DC. This was Leadon’s first tour with the eagles since 1975 and it’s crazy to think this is one of the first times he and famed guitarist Joe Walsh have toured together. Randy Meisner, was the only missing founder and Henley was quick to announce that unfortunately Randy’s current health status just wouldn’t allow him to tour but of course was invited to be apart of the “History of the Eagles Tour”.

After shortly playing 3 songs in a jam type setting Timothy Schmit who joined the Eagles in ’77 and Joe Walsh who joined in ’75 took the stage with the founders for a almost 3hr long set. Frey joked about it getting late on a “school night” to its mostly middle age crowd and explained that this tour was all about trying to bring back the feeling of the Summer of ’71. The band had no problem successfully pulling this off to the sold out crowd, who mostly were jamming to these same songs in the 70’s. The band talked briefly in a “storytellers” type format before each song explaining their writing process and stories behind some of their biggest classics.

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Even with most of the members now in their mid 60’s the harmonies were still there and sounded better than ever. Of course with the tour called the “The History of the Eagles” we got to hear pretty much something off ever album but the band mostly focused on their earlier material. After a small intermission the band was back and ready to rock out another 11songs that turned the 2nd set into the more upbeat classics.

One of the bigger surprises of the night was from the crowds reaction to the opening act JD & The Straight Shot. When I first learned of the celebrity status of frontman Jim Dolan(JD) who currently is President/CEO of Cablevision and Executive Chairman of Madison Square Garden, Inc.(Rangers/knicks) I honestly was a little skeptical but after giving a listen to a couple of tracks off of their album “Midnight Run” I was really impressed.

Over recent years “celebrity” fronted bands like 30second to Mars(Jared Leto) and Dead Man’s Bones(Ryan Gosling) have proved that it’s not always just their “status symbol” that gets them onto these big tours but rather the same drive and determination they used to before successful in their “day jobs” can easily be used for their new found passion in music. The album carries a New Orleans-flavored rock/blues type vibe that seemed to be a great fit for the Eagles fans and is definitely worth checking out!

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