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A Case For 110 Compromise Street

editorialHere is a case for acting now on the 110 Compromise re-zoning and engaging with the Mark Ordan investment group.

We had a sunset family outing down to the City Dock last night for post-dinner ice cream and a stroll. We parked in the Donner lot and at the end of the stroll we walked along that side of the water down to the fence at Fleet Reserve. Some observations. The area is totally dark from Donner to FRC. There is a foot high drop from the edge of the boardwalk down to the parking lot surface along the Newman lot, a broken ankle and lawsuit waiting to happen. The boardwalk planks are almost all in need of replacement. There are no benches or seating. The Fawcett building corner is just about 8 steps from the dock edge. The view to the other side of Ego Alley and beyond is fantastic-too bad most people avoid this side of the dock. The Fawcett building is a dark hulking shape blocking views up and down the dock in both directions. The asphalt lots are oil-stained and cracked/broken in many places.

This is it folks. This is what we will have on that side of City Dock for the indefinite future unless we recognize that a gift is being given to us in the form of the Mark Ordan proposal. Like it, hate it but don’t walk away from it. Work within the system to try to change it but don’t just say no and walk away.

The City Dock Master Plan debate could last a long time.  Act now on the Fawcett’s re-zoning.

I have a Facebook page entitled Save the Mark Ordan Plan.  If you support these thoughts you may be interested in ‘Liking” it.


Ed Connors

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