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Rearing Happy Puppies; Keeping Them Healthy And Safe As They Grow

doggydetailsHaving a happy, healthy and thriving pet is the objective of every loving owner. The quest starts the day a puppy arrives in its new home, and the help of a seasoned professional like Judy Heller can make all the difference between success and disaster.

Judy Heller is an 18 year resident of Edgewater, MD, and she also owns and operates Doggy D’tails Grooming and Pet Supplies. She has been working with dogs nearly her entire life, but it’s her expertise in rearing puppies, as well as in pet nutrition that makes her a go-to source for professional advice and consulting.

People often wonder what a puppy behaviorist does. Judy explains that, “I get started with families before a puppy is even brought into its new home, by helping to prep the house and the family for puppy readiness. I also focus on ensuring a new pup is socialized properly with its family, which is vital before they get into any kind of training or daycare scenario.” Her work goes much further than that, however, with the goal of making a puppy happy, safe and set for a life as a confident, thriving adult dog.

Judy has also developed years of knowledge and expertise in the area of pet nutrition. It’s a subject that is overlooked by many pet owners, but it is one of the vital keys to pet health and longevity. Judy’s experience studying various foods and their effects on pet wellness has made her a valued source of information and assistance for pet owners who want to see major positive changes in their pet’s health after implementing her recommended diet.

The food offered at Doggy D’tails reflects Judy’s belief in giving pets only the best holistic foods and treats that contain no by products or unhealthy grains such as corn, wheat and soy and are all U.S. ingredients and manufactured here in the United States Her clients are confident in the products, because it’s what Judy gives to her own dogs; and the results are clear—healthier, happy pets.

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