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Maxwell Makes It Official–He’s Leaving

Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, Superintendent of Schools

After several leaks and a statement from the Board of Education that rang of surprise, Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell tendered his resignation (PDF) to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education this morning.  In the letter, he said:

No single person is greater than a team, and Anne Arundel County Public Schools is no different. I said when I came on board in 2006 that I believed this school system had all the ingredients to be truly great. I still believe that, and I believe in the people who do so much every day for our nearly 78,000 children.

In addition, Maxwell penned a letter to teachers, staff, students, and parents about his departure (PDF). It read in part:

To our students, I urge you to continue to push yourselves, to reach further and climb higher, and to realize that your future is limited only by the bounds of your imagination. It is you for whom we toil and sweat, you who are the focus of all of our efforts.

To our parents, I say “thank you” for your ideas, your input, your involvement, and your dedication to helping your students. Your work is a key part of the equation of success.

To our partners, I applaud your willingness to engage with us. No school system can be great by itself, and our students will continue to need your involvement.

And finally to our employees, who don’t get nearly the credit they deserve for the passion, desire, and effort they put forth every day, I say that no words could ever adequately convey my gratitude for what you do. It is you who are the very foundation of our successes. Because of you, Anne Arundel County Public Schools will continue to prosper.

The Statement from the Board of Education was terse, “Anne Arundel County Public Schools would like to thank Dr. Maxwell for his service to our school system, and we wish him the best.”

No effective date has been established beyond a “mutually agreeable” date. However, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker has made no qualms about his focus on improving the PG County Schools and will likely insist on an immediate (if not sooner) start date.

The Board of Education will hold an emergency closed meeting on Saturday to discuss the next steps. It is likely an interim superintendant will be named as the Board moves forward with a national search for Maxwell’s replacement.

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