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Man In Critical Condition After Robinwood Shooting

Annapolis Police Investigate latest shooting in Robinwood
Annapolis Police Investigate latest shooting in Robinwood

UPDATE 4:19pm June 27, 2013:  From the Annapolis Police Department:

On June 27, 2013 at 12:06 p.m. Annapolis police officers responded to the area of 1429 Tyler Avenue for a report of a subject shot.  Officers located a twenty three year old man near the basketball courts suffering from a gun shot wound to the torso.  The man was transported by ambulance to Shock Trauma in Baltimore, where his condition is believed to be stable. 
Officers are investigating the circumstances of the shooting.  Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Charles Bealefeld at 410-268-9000 ext 7299 or email at [email protected].

A man was shot in the Robinwood community in Annapolis this afternoon just after noon.  Robinwood is one of the communities managed by the Housing Authority of Annapolis. The incident occurred in the 1400 block of Tyler Avenue.

Initially the victim was to be flown by helicopter, but the helicopter was canceled and instead he was transported to University of Maryland Shock-Trauma Center in Baltimore by ambulance.  His injuries were classified as life threatening and critical.

Police are just beginning their investigation and had an explosives dog on the scene in an attempt to find any spent shell casings or other bullets. The police have not released the name or age of the victim at this point.

Children play half a block from shooting.
Children play half a block from shooting.

Robinwood, a public housing community has been plagued with violence over the years and to a degree the residents seem to have become immune. While police were investigating a crime that most likely will be labeled a homicide, children were playing in the streets half a block away as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Last month, a man was shot in the foot. In April, 2 men were found dead in their car at the 24-7 Mart at the entrance to the community–police say the deaths were a result of a drug overdose. In December 2012, Clarence Eugene Johnson (who subsequently turned himself in) is awaiting trial on murder charges stemming from a double shooting in the neighborhood that resulted in one death.

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  1. I have to say that I am a little disappointed in this story when it comes to having an opinion of people that you have never met face to face.”to a degree the residents seem to have become immune….” or “children were playing in the streets half a block away as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.” Have you stopped to think that the residents may feel helpless and do not know what to do to stop this violence from happening? Or that the children may be playing as if nothing happened because they don’t need to be subjected to more that they already have? There are many good people that live in that community and stories like this blanket everyone as if they don’t care about where they live and that they should be “used to” all the violence that occurs. It’s one thing to write a story based on blind observation, as far as your comments regarding the residents, but you’re a journalist you could at least interview a resident to get your story right.

  2. My humble opinion – The “War on Drugs” is NOT WORKING. Most of the gun violence is certainly linked back to drugs. Drugs=Money=Crime. It’s not so difficult to figure out. The problem is the drug laws are written to protect the public from Illegal drug sales/usage – hardly any forethought and money is allocated for drug treatment. Offenders/addicts are put in prison due to laws on the books about 1,2,3 shots you’re out. The government needs to review their policies on drug abuse and find appropriate monies to allocate to drug abuse and treatment. It’s a vicious cycle in low income housing and the fact that a lot of folks cannot find decent jobs. The landscape they are raised in is directly related to their ability to see beyond their personal world. A refocus on drug laws and drug treatment would be a great first step in helping our communities to function better without the gun violence associated with drugs.

  3. I have spoken to residents and you are correct. There are some great people there and there are those that are at a loss as to what to do. It is sad, and I do not have the answer. But the observation that the residents seems to be immune and the children playing as if nothing happened is accurate. There was not one sign of shock or outrage about the shooting. No neighbors milling about shaking their heads. Two older residents sitting on chairs in front, kids riding their bikes, explosive dogs sniffing the grounds, crime scene tape, 6 police vehicles…

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