February 8, 2023
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He Said She Said

He Said: It was a on a Sunday, last October. A perfect football day. So I had planned on inviting some of the guys over to watch some games, throw some burgers and wings on the grill, and drink a few beers. I had been looking forward to it all week.

She Said: It was a beautiful Sunday, last October. Kevin had nothing really planned for the day, so we both thought that we could spend the day in Downtown Annapolis, exploring the antique shops on Maryland Ave., after brunch, of course.Annapolis_1600

…and he said


He Said: So apparently my football day was cancelled so I could spend fifty bucks on scrambled eggs before going store to store with Katie looking at old, dented tables. Perfect. Just perfect.

zacharybeadShe Said: So we went downtown and found parking right by City Dock. As we got out of the car, I saw Kevin walk over to the window at Zachary’s Jewelers to look at the rings on display. Instantly, I knew what he was thinking.

He Said: As we got out of the car, I glanced at Zachary’s Jewelers, and thought that I saw my friend, Mark, inside. I went over to the window and looked in. It wasn’t him. It was another guy. Looked like Mark, though. Mark owes me five bucks, you know.


She Said: Kevin proposed to me a few months ago, and we were getting married in spring, so I knew that he was getting anxious to pick out our wedding bands. He saw some in the display and I could see that he was in the mood to go ring shopping.

He Said: I was not in the mood to go ring shopping. But Katie saw some rings in the window and got swept up in the moment. I didn’t see the rush, since the wedding wasn’t for a while, but since anything beats antiquing, we went in.

She Said: The second we walked into Zachary’s, I was dazzled. I have never been in a jewelry store like this one before. It was actually breathtaking. I love my engagement ring, don’t get me wrong, but the diamond engagement rings on display were exquisite! Later, I found out that most of them were custom-made, in-house. I was actually swept up it the variety of pieces offered there from necklaces to watches to earrings…I almost forgot why we were there. I could tell that, like me, Kevin was absolutely overcome with emotion, as was I.

He Said: They had a tray with little bottles of water there, which was good because I was pretty thirsty.

wedding-rings-on-handsShe Said: We were greeted immediately upon stepping in the door. And I mean warmly, not in an all-over-you salesperson kind of way. One of the people there, Keith, introduced himself and asked what we were looking for and I said that we were looking for wedding bands. So he brought us to down to the end of the counter where the three of us sat down together to look at rings.

He Said: I was thinking this was going to be a quick trip; you know, to scout out the store for a few minutes to get a couple of ideas and then get out. But then we all sat down. This is exactly what happened when we had to go over china patterns. And caterers. And flowers. Let me tell you, if you are a guy who is planning any part of the wedding with his fiancé, sitting down is bad. Sitting down means that you are in for the duration.

She Said: Kevin was so cute! He jumped right in with both feet! And I know what he was thinking…which one? Gold? Platinum? White gold? Modern? Vintage? With diamonds? His mind was racing. I could tell.

He Said: There were a lot of rings. Yellow ones. White ones. Different white ones. Ones with straight lines. Ones with wavy lines. Sparkly ones.  I wasn’t sure what to say without sounding stupid. Did I pick one out that I liked for myself, or did it have to match hers? I had no clue. I just wanted one that wouldn’t make my finger all sweaty when it gets hot or I play hoops.

annapolis-storeShe Said: This was a pretty solemn moment for both of us. Together, we were choosing what would be the symbol of our love for the rest of our lives. Kevin has a hard time expressing himself, but when he fell silent, I knew that he felt the same way I did. I reached over and squeezed his hand.

He Said: I got to thinking about all that jewelry in all those cases. Do you think that they put all that jewelry in a safe every night after they close or is just locking the front doors enough? I always wondered. Because that would be a lot of jewelry to put away only to set up again the next morning. I wouldn’t want to do that if I worked there.

She Said: So, one by one, Keith took wedding bands out of the case and walked us through all the styles and designers featured by Zachary’s. We talked about how they fit into our personal style and how they would look. They even do custom designs, in case you don’t see anything that jumps out at you.

He Said: Okay, I’m not going to lie. I may have not had the best attitude when we went in, but it was actually interesting, although I hate to admit it. I mean, I’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of my life, so I figured I should probably chime in at some point. And, I found out that, unlike china patterns, I DO have a style that I like. Who would have thought that I have an opinion as to jewelry? Amazingly enough, choosing a ring was not as painful as I thought it would be.

push-presentShe Said: He had a blast! I practically had to drag him out of there! We found the bands that we wanted and were sized right there. So we are done and it is taken care of. And the rings are beautiful. Just beautiful. I joked with Kevin that if he enjoyed picking out our rings so much, he could come on his own next time to buy my Push Present! I swear that he blushed. I love that man!

He Said: What’s a Push Present, anyway?

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