March 27, 2023
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Glen Burnie Couple In Surgery After Pitbull Attack

pitbullAccording to Anne Arundel County Police, a pitbull dog attacked a Glen Burnie couple this afternoon around 5:30pm.

When officers arrived, they found the woman suffering from severe dog bites. The dog bounded down the steps to attack the woman again.  Officers distracted the dog and the dog began to attack the officers who fired a taser at the dog which later died.  The woman’s husband was discovered in an upstairs bedroom also suffering from similar wounds.  Both were taken to shock -trauma with sever (but not life-threatening) injuries.

Police believe the couple was caring for the dog which belonged to one of their children.

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  1. How about if you’re going to label the dog a “pit bull” you use an actual “pit bull” picture?

  2. What can we say that hasn’t been said. I know “they can be very sweet”. They can also be deadly. Enough said……Bless this precious couple with healing! Make stronger laws!

  3. Breed Specific legislation saves humans from injury and death Ban Pit bulls and charge their owners with a crime. Anyone who does not support BSL either knows nothing about what the word breed means, what breeding is or they in some way make money off the the animal rescue industry were pit bulls eat up most all of the shelter space. Obviously these groups push the breed they have the most of. Yet they don’t seem bright enough to ask why that is. Instead for every dog they save it keeps the pet supply, vet and dog food companies rolling in the cash.. BSL is the cure. Ban the breed end the deed.

  4. Pit Bull is NOT a breed, it is a catch all classification that gets great news coverage. ANY dog is dangerous in the wrong hands. A few years back a child was killed by a Cocker Spaniel and a Dachshund in Edgemere……did you see it in the headline news….I doubt it. I’m sorry for what happened to your son, but with different owners those dogs could have been totally different. Hold owners accountable (not landlords) no matter what the breed.

  5. Yes it is a catch all exactly as it is supposed to be. In breeds you have working dogs, and hounds and retrievers and so on and Pit bull is a class of dogs just like saying truck is a class of vehicle. This catch all as you call it, is specificly designed to stop people from avoiding responsiblity by saying my dog isn’t a truck it is a tractor trailer-my dog isn’t a truck it is a Ford. There are different makers of trucks and their are different breeds of Pit bulls but all are in the pit bull class because they are fighting dogs. So if any dog can kill, a Cocker Spaniel can kill even if rarely and a few years back , how does owning a dog that is bred to kill and does so every 9 days make anyone who would add to this risk you imply we all take with any dog, why
    then take that risk with a known killer and call themselves a responsible dog owner?

  6. Mr. Solesky, I understand your ignorance on the topic because you had an incident with one dog, with a bad owner. I can see where emotion takes over in light of education. I am sure you are just as much racist to humans. It is the same thing. There are no two dogs exactly alike as is the same in the human race. If you neglected your child and never instilled values, paid attention and starved him, he more is likely to act out as is the case with dogs, regardless of the breed.
    There is no logic to BSL.

  7. Todd, perhaps you should look up the word anthropomorphism. You are projecting in order to make you argument more potent because when pit bulls are compared to other dogs they are simply too dangerous to defend.

  8. Sam, I may in fact be a Moron, I cannot argue that. As far as Pit bulls and 27 different breeds I would like you to list them. Then list the number of dogs in the hound group and the retriever group. My point is if there are 110 different breeds of Pit bulls they should be banned as well. Pit bulls are fighting dogs and there is no sensible reason to preserve dogs with those instincts.

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