May 26, 2024
Annapolis, US 69 F

Diverse Group Formed To Fight Cohen’s Redevelopment Of City Dock

save annapolisThe Ward One Residents Association, Annapolis Business Association, Historic Annapolis Foundation, United States Yacht Shows, Fleet Reserve Club, and many City Dock businesses and Annapolis residents have  formed the Coalition to Save Annapolis. It is a new organization formed by residents, businesses, historic preservationists, and maritime industries to oppose the Mayor’s and City Council’s plans to re-zone the City Dock area to accomodate a potential buyer for the Fawcett property.

The group is calling on City Council to reject the precedent-setting piecemeal approach to zoning which is risking permanent erosion of Maritime and Historic Zoning laws which have been in place for decades.

The group is holding an event tomorrow at the Fleet Reserve Club at 11:00am to show support for the cause.   The Fleet Revserve Club is located at 100 Compromise Street in Annapolis along Ego Alley.

They are intending to demonstrate the diverse interests of local area businesses, property owners, residents, maritime industries, boaters and historic preservationists and are asking for interested parties to attend.


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