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Married To A Mind Reader In Maryland

mindreaderAfter 30 years of touring the world, professional Mentalist Duo Jeff & Tessa Evason have settled in Maryland. Drawn by their love of sailing and a desire to really set down roots, Jeff and Tessa have made Annapolis their home.  The renowned couple who have performed on many major TV networks make their Maryland premiere for the public on May 3rd at Creative Alliance.

For over 30 years, the Evasons have traveled the world astounding audiences in over 35 countries. They perform together on stage as The Evasons – Mentalist Duo. Their show based on extraordinary feats of ESP and psychic phenomena. Much of their time is spent on the road entertaining audiences at college or corporate events, theaters, cruise ships, casino showrooms and even at private parties for royalty.  They have also performed their act to audiences in the millions through network television programs, including NBC, FOX and Discovery Channel.

“It’s gotten to a point now that I can think of a date or a name or a place and Tessa knows exactly what’s on my mind.” says Jeff,  adding “Fortunately it only works when we both agree to make it happen. It’s not as though Tessa can just walk into a room full of strangers at party and know what people are thinking.”

The couple moved from Toronto, Canada to Annapolis during the summer of 2001. After selling their home in Toronto, they moved onto their 38 foot sailboat Inamorata in Annapolis. It was supposed to be a temporary home until November of that year when Jeff & Tessa had plans to move into a condo in Fort Lauderdale.

Their plans changed after September 11th. “We were sitting in a hotel room in Boston when we heard the news. It was surreal. For months afterwards, travel by air was such a challenge. If we got a booking within a 7 hour drive from Annapolis, we’d drive rather than fly.” Tessa explains.

It was hard to imagine living in Florida because other than cruise ships, practically every booking would require flying.

They soon began to realize how much they both really loved living in Maryland and sailing on the Chesapeake. So they made up their minds to stay in Annapolis and buy a condo to live in during the time they’re not traveling or sailing. They both agree that it was the right choice.

They’re now at a point in their lives where they would love to cut back on travel and work near home more often.  As a start, The Evasons will make their Baltimore debut at the Creative Alliance on Friday, May 3rd at 8:00pm. The Evasons will be sharing the stage with their good friend Michael Dubois, a comedy juggler from Brooklyn. It’s a full evening of entertainment suitable for ages 14 and up.

The Evason’s show has been called an experience that defies explanation.  And maybe that’s why the crowds go wild at every show. Once you see Tessa blindfolded, calling out the names of strangers and loved ones, or reciting the serial numbers from a bill in an audience member’s pocket, it gets a lot easier to suspend your disbelief.

Tessa & Jeff always enjoy talking with people after the show. Tessa explained, “Jeff and I are fortunate to have a close connection. A lot of people are searching for their soul mate.  We’re all unique and we have different strengths and weaknesses.  If we allow ourselves to trust our intuition and learn to tap into our inner self, we can make much better decisions about important personal matters.”

Tessa and Jeff don’t ask you to believe, but there are no hidden microphones and nothing is rehearsed with audience members before the show.  In fact, the Evasons offer $100,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise.

Go to their show and find out for yourself. To reserve tickets and get more information, visit www.creativealliance.org.

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