February 8, 2023
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Graphic Images Invade Main Street On Sunday

stop_abortion_now_mousepad-p144460674340820183envq7_400If you were out for a stroll on Main Street yesterday, chances are you were subject to some pretty graphic images. Representatives of CBR Maryland (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform), a pro-life group, took to Main Street with large posters and canvas mats depicting what appeared to be aborted fetuses.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions and the Constitution guarantees that. We have seen it when the Westboro Baptist Church protested at Ft. Meade, Glen Burnie High, and most recently in Annapolis earlier this year.

We asked one of the sign-holders if he felt it was inappropriate to display such graphic images when there were plenty of children out on a Sunday with a Spring Fling Festival. He would not engage other than to say “what do you think of this?”, gesturing to the sign. We asked if this was to be a regular protest and he indicated that they would be back.

Yesterday, we took to twitter and send a tweet out about the image and copied Annapolis Mayor, Josh Cohen on the tweet. Caution, graphic image below!

While the mats they placed on the sidewalk (visible in the upper right corner of the image) were not literally blocking the sidewalk, in places, one needed to walk on top of them to pass.

Regardless of your position on abortion, I think that there is a time and a place for adult discussions, which abortion most certainly is. CBR Maryland seems to be using a page from the Westboro Baptist Church playbook and going for shock value in a most public place.

Annapolis has had pro-lifers protest in front of the Planned Parenthood offices on West Street for years. Severna Park has seen protests at the Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic for years. But the protestors typically only protest during the office hours when procedures are likely to happen. Additionally, they tend to remain at a distance so that adults are able to make the decision to expose children to the graphic images.  That was not an option on Sunday as I witnessed many children come face to face (quite literally considering the size of the signs) with a medical procedure.

What are your thoughts? Should this type of protest be allowed? Did you see this organization? Let’s discuss!


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  1. These self-righteous, moralistic meddlers have been doing this for years, tenaciously following the Planned Parenthood clinic and just about any other institution that does not fit their point of view. They got divided because some protested a local church nearby when it started to use one of their propaganda devices (improvised white crosses) to protest the war in Iraq. Like Westboro, they are free to express their opinions in a legally appropriate manner which this is, however repugnant we may find it. They do not, however, have any entitlement to me respecting their views and I will exercise my right to rebuke them.

  2. These nuts romanticize birth and babies, but the realities of bearing and rearing children are difficult to endure. Its just so painfully ironic these same people screaming to save the fetuses are also people who want to take away welfare, and contraceptive access (because they object on moral grounds, since they believe it may cause an abortion, which isn’t true). The only way it makes sense to me is if they are actively trying to punish women for enjoying sex, or trying to create a slave class through perpetually poor women.

  3. Yes, I think the graphics are appalling! But I see the same kinds of graphics used in protests by PETA, gun control proponents, and every time I take my grandchildren to the circus we are accosted by animal rights groups with graphic images of tortured animals. Unfortunately we can’t select who can and who can’t use what graphics in front of our children.

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