June 14, 2024
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Del. Don Dwyer Considers Switching Parties

dwyerConservative Republican Don Dwyer is considering switching parties in a move he has dubbed “Operation DINO–Democrats In Name Only.  Citing frustrations, Dwyer asked his Facebook audience if they would still support him and his conservative values if he switched parties.  The thought process was to upset the status-quo in the primary elections which tend to determine the make up of the General Assembly for Democrats.

Friends, I am considering launching “Operation DINO” state wide!!! DINO stands for Democrat in name only.

Here’s why:
In Maryland the Democrat primary controls for the most part, the majority of our elections. If the gun community alone follows me in this strategic plan, we will have a devastating effect on the next statewide election.

What we have been doing is NOT working. We are losing the war on our Inalienable Rights. Its time we fight back strategacally and quickly.

I am considering changing my voter registration to Democrat in order that I may lead a legitimate movement to VOTE OUT the hard left liberals who are hell bent on taking away our liberties and our Constitutionally protected rights.

I will likely make this decision within a few days. I would welcome your comments, concerns and commitment to join me, should I decide to “Pull the Trigger” on this strategy. We must do all we can to defend the State & United States Constitutions.

I truly fear that we are about to lose yet again more of our Constitutionally protected rights here in Maryland. 

Maryland politicians have no fear of a few thousand angry and determined Republicans. However, A few thousand angry and determined Democrats can do significant damage to a primary. For example: Sen. Karen Montgomery barely won her primary in 2010 by 116 VOTES!! Can we enlist just 200 DINO’s in District 14 to take her out? She is a co-sponsor of SB281 that infringes on your right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Will you follow me? If so, share and repost this.

Constitutionally Yours, 
Don Dwyer,Jr.
Maryland General Assembly

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