February 3, 2023
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Annapolis Police Arrest 5 In Connection With Car Break-Ins

Annapolis has seen an increase in thefts from vehicles in the first months of 2013.  Annapolis Police Department has worked to combat this rise in several ways.

Officers have been deployed in areas where thefts have occurred to deter further thefts and they have checked areas for unlocked vehicles or vehicles with desirable items left inside in open view and then informed the vehicle owners.  Officers in plainclothes have conducted operations to attempt to catch thieves in the act, including using decoy vehicles.  Officers and Detectives have diligently conducted investigations on the thefts that have occurred.

In the last month alone investigations have led to five men from Annapolis being charged in connection with four thefts from vehicles.  On March 4th John W. Jones, age 55, was charged with a theft that occurred that same day in the 100 block of Hillsmere Dr.  On March 13th Shawn Joyner, age 27, was charged with a theft that occurred that same day in the 1700 block of Forest Dr.  On March 20th Micah Hayes, age 21 of Annapolis was charged with a theft that occurred between February 27th and 28th in the 800 block of Chesapeake Av.  On March 22nd and 27th Glenard Moulden, age 41, and Michael E. Carroll, age 61, were charged with a theft that occurred between March 17th and 18th in the 1600 block of Cedar Park Rd.

“The Police Department has been very proactive,” said Police Chief Michael Pristoop. “We’re not sitting on our hands. The reality, however, is that most of these crimes could be prevented. People must lock their car doors, remove valuables from sight and of course call us at the first sight of suspicious activity.” Of the thefts from vehicles reported in 2013, 82% were unlocked or showed no signs of forced entry.

The Annapolis Police Department urges you to call 410-268-4141, to report non-emergency police matters, or 911 in an emergency.

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