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Arundel Middle Teacher Screams At Student In Facebook Video

| February 08, 2013, 11:01 AM | 53 Comments

Arundel MiddleUPDATE:  We have been in touch with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools and have learned that the teacher involved, Latesha Blue, has been removed from the classroom and is on leave while the incident is investigated. She has been employed with the school system since August 2007 and at Arundel Middle School since August 2010.

The school’s principal has met with parents of some of the students to discuss their concerns about the incident.

 The school sent a letter home with the affected students yesterday.

We asked for a statement from the schools regarding this incident and questioned any conflict resolution programs in place for faculty. Spokesman, Bob Mosier offered the following:

The video is certainly disturbing and not indicative of the great work that teachers across our county do in classrooms every day for children at all levels. Our school system launched an investigation into this matter immediately and will make appropriate decisions once that investigation is complete.

Regarding your question about conflict resolution, we have professional development sessions regarding conflict resolution at a variety of different levels and through a variety of different offices in the school system. In addition, some principals choose to make this a topic of their faculty meetings or school-based professional development.

A video that is going viral this morning reportedly shows an Arundel Middle School teacher screaming at a student in another teacher’s classroom on Wednesday while others sit idly by including another teacher. Is this bullying? Does it border in it? Read on and please leave your thoughts in a comment!

From the video, it appears that the student may have interrupted the teacher during class which triggered the triade.

The teacher who is unidentified in the video tells the student, “you be quiet, when an adult is speakin’ you close your mouth.”

At one point the student tells the teacher she will get fired for her behavior and the teacher moves closer. When the student tells her to “get out of my face, you’re spitting all over me” the teacher replies “I’m not gettin’ out of your face.”

The teacher then asks the class to back up her position and when the students do not, she continues to lambaste the class advising them that “everyone at the school board knows who I am from Dr. Maxwell on down.”

The teacher continues to intimidate the class and accused other classmates of lying.

Eye On Annapolis spoke to a parent of a student in the class to see how this all came about.  The incident reportedly began in the class before this one. A Language Arts teacher, asked a student to read something when the student asked to be re-seated because she could not see. Apparently the argument started at this point. The following class was  a Social Studies class and the students were still talking about the incident in Language Arts and creating a disruption. The Social Studies teacher called the Language Arts teacher into her classroom to address the student.

While there is no doubt that students can get out of control; parents rely on the maturity and sensibilities of the teachers to keep the situation under control.

What are your thoughts? Is this just an anomaly or is it indicative of something larger? Does this rise to the level of bullying? What should happen to the people involved? Over the past few weeks, we have heard that people in authority (Leopold, McConkey, etc) need to be held to a higher standard.  Doesn’t this apply to teachers as well?

We have reached out to the Anne Arundel County Schools for comment on the video but have not received a response yet. As soon as we hear from them, we will post their position.

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Comments (53)

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  1. Let us hope that both teachers involved are fired immediately, for rude, ignorant, prejudicial, morally repugnant behavior.

  2. Why does the kid even have a cell phone………….Lets start correcting these issues first

  3. T says:

    Hold on…the second teacher DOES step in, even though it’s a little later on. And the 2nd teacher DOES handle it far better. So be careful how you’re reporting. HOWEVER, I do NOT agree at all with how the first teacher mis-handled the situation and acted like a brat herself.

  4. disqus_xCtvbUHfH2 says:

    How can I feel good about sending my kids to school here when this is how the teachers act? That was ridiculous. The teacher can’t even speak English well. She can’t control her emotions. She doesn’t act like an adult. She tries settle arguments with students based on her age. Insane. What an idiot. This woman better not have a job in a month.

  5. annapolitan says:

    Problematic student or not, she fought fire with fire using the same level of immaturity that she was preaching against. People who use the “I’m older than you and I can get in your face if I want” argument usually have nothing more substantial to say. There is a clear lack of respect going on from all sides here.

  6. Megan Secora says:

    It was not a cell phone he had an ipod and I allow my own child to take her ipod to school in case of emergencies so she can get a hold of me directly.. Due to the crumble of today’s education and protection of our children in schools I would hope my daughter was able to call 911 ASAP if there was a shooting or something illegal going on.. The issues need to be corrected by the examples that are being set by our community, at home and the Men and Woman left to guide our children during School hours!!

  7. anon says:

    We don’t know what the student did to bring the teacher to this level of frustration. I see an white child threatening a black teacher, who is frustrated by the child’s behavior. As a teacher, I see students push teachers to their limits of tolerance and beyond. This child believes she has the power to run that teacher’s classroom. This child thinks she has the power to behave however she wishes without reprimand from those in authority.

  8. Lisa says:

    wow! this teacher was right in the beginning..that little girl was VERY disrespectful HOWEVER, she didn’t have to go on a 15 min long rampage and then involve all the other students. She should of sent the girl to the principals office instead of continuing to argue with these little kids.i hope that girls mom straightens here out cause she does not need to be disrespecting these adults!

  9. Robyn says:

    We live in a WAY to sensitive and PC world. Good for the teacher to stand up to those snotty entitled babies posing as teenagers.

  10. JEM says:

    Teachers have to put up with so much from kids and Middle School is the worst. If I ever argued back to an adult or a teacher I would have been grounded for a year. Sounds to me like this teacher had been pushed too far by a child that had no sense of boundaries and respect. Should the teacher have handled it differently? Maybe – the sad part here is that I bet the Parents will never ask this girl – what happened that got this teacher so upset? What part did you play in this confrontation? Teachers have a very difficult job and they get paid next to nothing to put up with spoiled children and the parents who only see perfect little angels.

  11. J says:

    …and people wonder why our education system is failing. Give teachers [email protected]# pay, little support from administration, and crappy, crappy kids who push the limits every day, it’s a miracle there are even teachers around at all. While this particular incident should not be condoned, teachers are human TEACHERS, not babysitters. I also think the Social Studies teacher needed to call administration, rather than have another teacher “fight” her battles.

  12. Tom says:

    Thank god the kid had a cell phone. This teacher used bullying, intimidation and threats against a student, even after the teach admitted that she made mistakes. He lack of respect for her job and her students and her “I can do anything I want because I’m older than you” attitude is what is wrong with education in the country. Regardless of what the student did (and there seems to be a major question by the other students as to what even happened), the teach handled it unprofessionally and should be disciplined. If there was no video of this, the awful, selfish and holier-than-though teacher would continue un-educating our children… These teachers need to be held accountable!

    To the person saying that the much smaller, even tempered student threatened the teacher…rewatch the video. The student, for the most part, was well spoken and even tempered while the teacher spat on her, nearly assaulted her by getting up in her face and belittled her in front of a class room of her peers.

    That teacher has to go.

  13. Aces says:

    What this boils down to is that kids are no longer required to address authority figures with any sort of respect. If I spoke to my teacjers in that manner, I would be held accountable for my actions and my parents would never let me hear the end of it. I think that it is about time that parents start raising their kids properly, and give them a dose of discipline so these teachers can do their job, and not have to babysit these brats.

  14. Toni says:

    Wow! If a teacher talked to my child like that I would be up at the school ASAP. Hope that teacher gets fired! She can’t even speak proper English!

  15. Ronald Russell says:

    If this was my kid’s teacher that teacher would have bigger problem. She should be terminated NOW. Dr Maxwell take note. If she is spiting on kid as she talks does she have an AIDs test. Spiting is an assault.

  16. Karrie says:

    I was able to watch the video before it was removed.
    Another student spoke up and stated what she believed was the issue that caused the argument. There were two things said in the video. The first by the student: she said she had turned around and asked the student behind her to move his
    desk as she needed room. But another girl said that the student had asked the teacher a question more than once because she did not understand her answer. When the other girl mentioned this, the teacher said that she is acting like a little girl and proceeded to insult her as well.

  17. Rainlion says:

    AIDS tests??? get a grip

  18. Rainlion says:

    “The teacher continues to intimidate the class…” – subjective statement that introduced bias into your piece from what should be a neutral source.

    As for the incident, not well handled by the teacher, but since the other instructor allowed it to occur, seems to me may be more going on here than the video could ever show. Also, the classroom instructor should have stepped in much sooner. Conflict resolution, teachers… that’s why they make you attend those workshops

    Still – as the adult, Blue could and should have handled it better no matter how irritated she was. A “teachable moment” was lost and became something negative, not positive

  19. I see a teacher with a power trip that should of sent this child to the office but instead decided to bully not only this child but another and intimidate the whole classroom by showing them what she was doing was right because she has connections

  20. so in your spare time do you help fight against measures demonizing teachers? Time to treat teachers like they are..guardians of our future. we need to work to stop the demonization of this career. Just curious since you seem so intent on the teacher’s behavior.

  21. Julie says:

    You see a white child threatening a black teacher? Let me guess, your black so of course the black person is always the victim. Typical!

  22. Rainlion says:

    Unless you were there, no – you don’t know first hand, you know what you were told.

  23. Anon says:

    Absolutely this teacher is bullying and unprofessional. My son was bullied by his teacher last Friday and when I called out his teacher on Monday, she stated justified her actions because she “pulled him aside after class” and “never called him out during class”. So that justifies bullying, it’s okay if you don’t do it in front of the classroom like this! Bullying is bullying regardless of where it is, how it is done or who it is done by.

  24. Megan Secora says:

    I’m sure this Strong willed is how it was put black woman that is “Grown” is not being demonized by 13 year old children and woman of her Character and ego would not stand for that as seen here in this video. Maybe if teachers acted like Guardian angels of their students which clearly she wasn’t then maybe they’d be treated as such.. I know great teachers and can tell who they are and so can the students. These children are feeding of the negative attitude and behavior of the teachers they’re being exposed to.. Have good teachers, have good students!! Be positive, teach positive, get positive back!!

  25. saytownproud says:

    Like she said, did you watch the video?

  26. saytownproud says:

    Watch the video when you have a chance, reporting that the teacher intimidated the class is merely reporting the facts. If the video was not present as proof, then I can see your point.

  27. saytownproud says:

    Coming from a family of teachers, the teacher was in the complete wrong. No one will doubt that middle school students are a challenge and you have a point there, however you would hope the teacher’s maturity level was higher than the students. By the way, the young lady is not white so dispel any inference of racism please.

  28. just_the_truth says:

    I would LOVE to see video cameras in every classroom…then parents can see how their children REALLY act!!! I agree that this teacher went beyond what is appropriate, but believe me these students are NO ANGELS! Teachers should not be expected to parent while educating…parents teach your children how to be respectful to adults!

  29. just_the_truth says:

    It is sad to me that no one is focusing on the fact that all of these kids are yelling and arguing WITH THE ADULTS!! As I have said before, this teacher was out of line, but NO ONE really knows what led up to this teacher’s outburst (albeit unprofessional). Were these kids trying to “set her up” as she said in the video? Have these children done this before? And please don’t reply with “my child told me” because your child is just that: A CHILD and although you may not want to face it or deal with it they probably do lie/exaggerate/stretch the truth! I was raised to RESPECT adults (and btw that is how I am raising my children) simply because THEY WERE ADULTS! Does anyone rememeber the “respect your elders” addage?? This must START AT HOME! This country’s education system is falling apart because NO ONE REPSECTS THE TEACHERS AND THE EDUCATION THEY ARE TRYING TO IMPART! I think it is really sad that everyone wants to attack the teachers when they are the ones out there dealing with the ramifications of bad/absent/spoiled/entitiled parenting!

  30. hoodmom says:

    First of all ive been told by my graduating senior that teachers are no longer allowed to send disruptive students out of the classroom or write up referrals. When you take the power away from adults and you have disrespectful students what would you have done if in the same position. SORRY but I would give that child a piece of my mind as well. Just saying…if I was younger and was caught speaking to an adult that way I would be scared to death of the consequences when I got home. Another problem with children today…no consequences for your actions. Shame on the way this world is going.

  31. saytownproud says:

    No one is blaming the ‘teachers’. They are blaming this particular teacher. You are right, teachers put up with a lot of disrespect but this teacher crossed the line. No matter the young lady’s behavior, the teacher should not have reacted in this manner. Much like police officers deal with a lot of abrasive behavior, but we all know it does not justify police brutality, no matter how much abuse they take. It’s called being the better person, the adult. Props to all teachers, just like props to all cops. But we have to be wise enough to weed out the bad apples.

  32. The Judge says:

    I agree with you on that…definitely that ghetto, Democrat/Liberal Ideology she has going on with there is not for Anne Arundel co. Thank God our county is not P.G. county “yet”, thus we needn’t a teacher like this in A.A. Send her packing to P.G. Co. Her ethics would be understood there better. From a concerned A.A. co resident hell bent on keeping “P.G. out of A.A.” until I retire from this God awful state and watch it turn into P.G. county from afar.

  33. Wendy Ellis says:

    Teachers are due courtesy from students, respect they must earn just like everyone else. This “English teacher” can not even speak using proper English grammar and uses Ebonics. She sounds like a streetwalker in a bar fight.

    This is an eleven year old child. The teacher is the adult. If what was doing was “parenting” this child then she should be arrested for child abuse.

  34. Curtis Blades says:

    I don’t understand why you do not post in your real name. I agree it would be a 2 way street and perhaps the children would behave better if they knew someone was watching. If you think what that teacher was doing was in any way parenting I would highly disagree with you. I would say she was doing quite the opposite. She was teaching the class how not to act. What kind of response do you expect when there is no control in the classroom. You can not defend the indefensible behavior of this supposed educator. Come on, how can you have respect for an English teacher who can not speak proper English? Do you really think this woman is preparing these children for the literacy demands of the 21st century? All of us have difficult people to deal with in our jobs and you can not simply blow up on them because you are older. Thank God she did not have a weapon. This so called educator needs some psychiatric evaluation. I agree that some of the kids lack in manners but this only underscores the bad behavior. In this case, the problem should have been dealt with by the administrators who get paid to handle problems. I hope both teachers are fired. If you hate your job that much find something else to do.

  35. Rhonda Davis says:

    I’m not a teacher but I believe that student did something that tick the teacher off. First of all, why was that student standing up? Secondly, why was that student being disrespectful? Then, just because an administrator was called does not mean it was one on the way. Since the problem student had issues her parent should shadow her for awhile. Teachers deal with distractions on a daily basis. If problem students can’t deal with the rules and regulations send them to a school that fits just them. The teacher should be rewarded for handling that situation. Teachers are under paid and don’t get the respect they DESERVE. So for all the folks who are on the student side go get fingerprinted and volunteer. Then make post about your first day dealing with problem students.

  36. Rhonda Davis says:

    My children attend a PG County public school. They are Honor Roll kids. This seemed very racist. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Color doesn’t matter we bleed the same color red;)

  37. Rhonda Davis says:

    I agree, let’s deal with the over crowd classroom. The teachers have more students that needed.

  38. Rhonda Davis says:

    I totally agree with you.

  39. renee says:

    I or no one else was in that room the first time before the video. I dont agree with the way the teacher acted however the actions of the student is not being addressed at all. What gives a student the right to choose not to learn either by reading or whatever is asked.. Other countries would die for a free education but our students think they have a god given right to do whatever whenever they want. Take into consideration what our nation is raising, what the student had done leading up to this, and the teachers reactions to this. GET BOTH SIDES before you pass judgement

  40. Concerned Citizen says:

    First of all a lot of viewers should get the facts straight before assuming the teacher was totally in the wrong . I have inside knowledge otherwise. My child was there. In the prior incident the child was being disrespectful and interrupting the class multiple times because she was not allowed to change her seat. When the teacher asked her to read she did so with total attitude and mockery. Multiply this by 500 and you would be frustrated as an educator as well. The teacher addressed her after class and grabbed her books and slammed them down. NO she didnt slam the student down. If the students parents had done a better job of parenting and disciplining her she would have known when the TEACHER told her No one time or two times to shut her mouth and sit down. Then the student continued to parade down the hall as a poor innocent victim and tell anyone who would listen how the teacher grabbed her and hit her when there was a room full of her peers that did see the entire incident and the only one who saw the childs version of what went down was her friend. Granted the approach and response from the teacher was definately lacking in finese, however the teacher who called her into her room to address her class is just as guilty for calling her in and for not stopping the incident when she realized the teacher was approaching it in an unprofessional manner. Hell you couldnt pay me a million dollars to teach in the public school system .

  41. GRTUD says:

    It was refreshing to see the students (one in particular) deflect this teacher’s attempt at coercing support for her tactics. Other than that aspect, this video is a shameful example of the lack of leadership we have in the American “sausage grinder” mentality that holds sway in our educational system. “Orwellian”, to say the least… Our children deserve better!

  42. Parent says:

    This is a pervasive problem in Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Screaming and yelling at students is an on-going everyday issue that just seems to continue to spiral out of control. This does not mean every teacher is a bad teacher. There are many wonderful teachers in this school system. It also doesn’t mean every child in AACPS is a brat. Yes, there are bad teachers. And, yes, there are plenty of brats. Children need their parents to stop treating their children as if they are friends and treat them as children with the understanding that it is their job to teach them the meaning of respect. BUT unless it ends up going viral AACPS continues to sweep this problem under table. There is a non-policy on bullying in this school system. Unless your child ends up in a coma, they do not care and aren’t going to do anything about it. And don’t kid yourself into thinking they really care if your child ends up in a coma. Bullying can be just as detrimental when it comes in the form of verbal abuse. AACPS does not get it. Bob Mosier’s comment that they have professional development for conflict resolution is true. They have professional development but staff aren’t required to attend nor are they geared appropriately towards classroom management in the 21st century. I’m not excusing the child’s behavior, but this teacher does deserve reprimand. AND, this does constitute bullying. But, this teacher also deserves appropriate professional training.

  43. Megan Secora says:

    I also know my child and lying is not of her character.. So I’ll take her word against a ignorant teachers that has video proof of her bad behavior any day. I’ve met this woman several times and she comes across as egotistical, rude and tries to be intimidating. A person of those personality characteristics are not needed to teach impressionable children that kind of ghetto ignorant holier then thou behavior!!!

  44. GRTUD says:

    The teacher’s behavior is the only factor of importance in this video. Abuse cannot be tolerated and authority has the greater burden along those lines and scenario. If someone disagrees with that concept, they’re free to find work in another field like … the Department of Motor Vechiles where this kind of behavior can be rewarded properly…

  45. Rainlion says:

    using the word intimidate is pejorative; good journalism allows the neutral presentation of the facts, and allows the viewers/readers to draw their conclusions.

  46. Nija Smith says:

    thank u someone who sees it the right way i go to the school i know the teacher she is one of the best people u will very meet she can be kind and loving and will do anything for u! my friend family aint have money she paid for her lunch i have problems she was there she gives u things to make u happy she treats u how u treat her the student is a close friend of mine she is very nice and loving and kind but she did try to run the class and be rude to the teacher

  47. Profesor McDuffie says:

    This comes at a SURPRISE for me, since I will be teaching at Arundel Middle this week. I don’t know the full story of this situation; and to every story there is one side, the other side, and the TRUTH. However, I do see some points to objectively elaborate upon:
    – This video (which was probably filmed on a phone, which is not allowed in the classroom) is 13minutes long. Entirely too long to go on any classroom tangent, except if it’s an interactive activity to better understand to subject at hand.
    – The main teacher is allowing this to happen, while Ms. Blue is coming in from an off period. There MUST be a REASON WHY, the main instructor invited Ms. Blue into the classroom (She states later that her ‘favorite class’ is now her worst).
    – Other than obvious Middle School antics, there is a blatant scene of disorder here. Students are out of their seats. People are calling out, as opposed to raising their hands. No work seems to have been assigned, because some of the indifferent students are showing signs of frustration due to nothing to preoccupy their time save the discussion at hand.
    – Even though Ms. Blue is an adult and the teacher, during a large part of the video, she has positioned herself on the same level as the children to whom she is speaking. Therefore, having any resolution seems futile, because both sides are equal.
    – LASTLY, THOSE COMMENTING… If you can not place yourself in the position of Ms. Blue, a student, or an Arundel Middle teacher, then a comment from YOU is not based in Love. Your ‘diagnosis’ or ‘position on the matter’ will be based on prejudice and turmoil, which we shouldn’t be promoting for today’s children. Love: whether it be patient, tough, just, or longsuffering should be forever in our words towards each other.

  48. Profesor McDuffie says:

    #2 — non objective (Memoirs Of Substitute Teachers) —
    This is a CLASSIC example of the Degeneration of Society! Power has been taken away from those that TRULY CARE; and Parents have GENERALLY Shifted from Instilling RESPECT to being Influences of DISRESPECT. As a result: more power and acceptance has been granted to younger students. When a situation arises, HAVE YOU AS A PARENT INSTILLED IN YOUR CHILD A SENSE OF HONOR AND RESPECT?

    I personally believe this was a bad day for Ms. Blue, and a normally well handled situation escalated into a news story. Middle School teachers spend much of their week dealing with the childish fights/attitudes that those childish seeds have a chance to influence the reactions of educators. It’s the teacher’s job to commit their life to the children without committing their mind to the children. It’s quite a juxtaposition, that society with it’s reality tv and primetime shows aren’t exactly helping.

    But on the main note, We all have foul days at times. We All stay up late preparing an Awesome Lesson for a class, but aren’t able to start it because the class never settles down enough to get through the instructions. Who knew THAT DAY ‘Mya’ VS. ‘Lannie & Jackie’ thought insulting each other from across the room and the boy group of ‘John, Jacob, and William’ thought secretly destroying classroom property (writing on desks, breaking the ONLY working electric sharpener, throwing magnets, and misusing pencils) would be the BEST use of their classroom time that day. Especially, when we try to contact a parent about repeated behavior and all we receive is a ‘disconnected number’, ‘unreturned voicemail message’, or ‘fake email’. But then, when the report card shows failing marks, those same parents are FIRST to claim they weren’t informed and there is inadequacy with teaching. We don’t plan for that one.

    Teachers know the BEST way to handle a situation:
    – Always stay calm, and if an issue shows then isolate that student.
    – Talk with them softly, yet firmly reminding them of the their choices and how a successful choice can be made.
    – Reprimanding across the room should be kept at a minimal as to not provoke more antics by giving an audience to shenanigans.
    – Always be Aware of your TIME! Think of how to proper manage the classroom time allotted in a period. Each class has a Focus/Aim.
    – Ask for Help. When a student doesn’t choose to make successful decisions and is too much of a distraction to those around him/her, then that student should be escorted outside of the room until they choose to turn their attitude around.
    Though, when one has a foul/bad day, those core influences rise up. If one has A HABIT of staying cool, calm, and collected then they will do as such. If one has been working with children for a bit and has seen many a fight, one might do some of the same things. If a person (that should be granted not only Age respect, but Authority respect) is disrespected by one that hasn’t earned any respect (by foul behavior and ill temper), then the disrespected person will irrationally conduct themselves based upon their major influences to regain that respect.

    PILL TO SWALLOW:: What seeds are You planting in your life?

  49. Guest says:

    The video’s still available here:

  50. Shelby Bylsma says:

    She should get fired after what she did. I have no respect for her whatsoever.

  51. guest says:

    I agree William, it really bothered me that she was just standing around. I thought maybe she was a teachers assistant making minimum wage. Also, physically, the student was backed up against the wall and cornered all around while the teacher was bashing her. Hateful, scene. If I had to raise my kids again, I would home school them.

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