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Arundel Middle Teacher Screams At Student In Facebook Video

Arundel MiddleUPDATE:  We have been in touch with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools and have learned that the teacher involved, Latesha Blue, has been removed from the classroom and is on leave while the incident is investigated. She has been employed with the school system since August 2007 and at Arundel Middle School since August 2010.

The school’s principal has met with parents of some of the students to discuss their concerns about the incident.

 The school sent a letter home with the affected students yesterday.

We asked for a statement from the schools regarding this incident and questioned any conflict resolution programs in place for faculty. Spokesman, Bob Mosier offered the following:

The video is certainly disturbing and not indicative of the great work that teachers across our county do in classrooms every day for children at all levels. Our school system launched an investigation into this matter immediately and will make appropriate decisions once that investigation is complete.

Regarding your question about conflict resolution, we have professional development sessions regarding conflict resolution at a variety of different levels and through a variety of different offices in the school system. In addition, some principals choose to make this a topic of their faculty meetings or school-based professional development.

A video that is going viral this morning reportedly shows an Arundel Middle School teacher screaming at a student in another teacher’s classroom on Wednesday while others sit idly by including another teacher. Is this bullying? Does it border in it? Read on and please leave your thoughts in a comment!

From the video, it appears that the student may have interrupted the teacher during class which triggered the triade.

The teacher who is unidentified in the video tells the student, “you be quiet, when an adult is speakin’ you close your mouth.”

At one point the student tells the teacher she will get fired for her behavior and the teacher moves closer. When the student tells her to “get out of my face, you’re spitting all over me” the teacher replies “I’m not gettin’ out of your face.”

The teacher then asks the class to back up her position and when the students do not, she continues to lambaste the class advising them that “everyone at the school board knows who I am from Dr. Maxwell on down.”

The teacher continues to intimidate the class and accused other classmates of lying.

Eye On Annapolis spoke to a parent of a student in the class to see how this all came about.  The incident reportedly began in the class before this one. A Language Arts teacher, asked a student to read something when the student asked to be re-seated because she could not see. Apparently the argument started at this point. The following class was  a Social Studies class and the students were still talking about the incident in Language Arts and creating a disruption. The Social Studies teacher called the Language Arts teacher into her classroom to address the student.

While there is no doubt that students can get out of control; parents rely on the maturity and sensibilities of the teachers to keep the situation under control.

What are your thoughts? Is this just an anomaly or is it indicative of something larger? Does this rise to the level of bullying? What should happen to the people involved? Over the past few weeks, we have heard that people in authority (Leopold, McConkey, etc) need to be held to a higher standard.  Doesn’t this apply to teachers as well?

We have reached out to the Anne Arundel County Schools for comment on the video but have not received a response yet. As soon as we hear from them, we will post their position.

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