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Annapolis Announces Stable Crime Rate

crime iconWith a slight increase, Annapolis crime remains at historic lows in 2012.  While crime increased less than 1% overall in 2012, crime has maintained at the dramatically low rate not seen since 1975.

The Annapolis Police Department follows the reporting rules established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). The crimes reported are classified as Part One Crimes and encompass the following: homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

In 2012 overall crime closely mirrors 2011. There was a mere increase of only eight offenses representing less than 1%. Violent crime which includes homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault was overall almost identical to 2011, measured by one additional crime.  Annapolis experienced two homicides in 2012, compared to one homicide in 2011, which was the lowest number since 1998.  Robberies declined 24% in 2012, following a 22% reduction in 2011.  Robberies have decreased 71% since 2007 and are at their lowest numbers since 1979.  Property crime which includes burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft increased 1%.  Burglary and larceny were down 1%, while motor vehicle theft increased 17% following a 34% reduction in 2011.  An increase in motor scooter thefts over the summer led to the increase in number of motor vehicle thefts.  New scooter registration requirements implemented by the State in October 2012 may help reduce thefts in 2013.

In 2012 total Part One crimes are down 46% from their 2007 levels, with the largest reductions seen in homicides at 75% and robberies at 71%.  Total violent crime in 2012 was down 60% from the 2007 levels.  Property crimes in 2012 were down 42% from their levels in 2007.

Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop acknowledges the outstanding effort of the members of the Annapolis Police Department to accomplish this near record-setting crime reduction spanning back over 32 years, along with consistently lower violent crime.  He credits the combination of proven intelligence-led problem-solving strategies, strong community involvement, and productive partnerships.

“The Annapolis Police Department and I are extremely proud that crime has dramatically reduced in our City over the past several years,” said Chief Michael Pristoop. “More important than statistics and numbers is the fact that the citizens of Annapolis have seen real results and continue to express that they feel safer than ever before.  And that is the best measurement by far.”

“The stability and reliability of our police department is exemplary,” Mayor Josh Cohen said.  “From our patrol officers to our special operations units to our civilian staff, our department is leading the way in our state.  I commend each member of the department and thank them for their dedication and service.”

Total Part I Crimes20112012+/-+/- %
Rape84– 4-50%
Robbery7154– 17-24%
Aggravated Assault96117– 21+22%
Total Violent Crime176177+1+1%
Burglary186185– 1-1%
Larceny779775– 4-1%
M/V Theft6981+12+17%
Total Property Crime10341041– 7+1%
Total12101218+ 8+1%


Source: Annapolis PD
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