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Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office Sends Out Questionable Tweet

UPDATE: The Sheriff’s office has acknowledged the tweet and is investigating


This morning at 7:13am, the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office sent out a tweet. There is nothing unusual about that, as they routinely send out tweets looking for suspects. But this morning’s was a bit different.


If you follow the tweet (which we suspect will be removed) it takes you to a Facebook page photo of Reb Orrell, who appears to be a Cold Case Investigator for the sheriff’s office.  The image posted comes from another Facebook page called American White History Month. Looking at the tweets about this page, it borders on a white supremacist page.

Here is a screen capture to highlight the trail:


While we are sure that this tweet was a personal tweet and not one endorsed by Ron Bateman, Anne Arundel County Sheriff, it is disconcerting that there are not safeguards in place to prevent personal tweets from going out under the guise of the Sheriff’s office.

We have reached out to the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office for a comment (via Twitter) but have not heard back from them at this point.

Thank you one of our Twitter followers for alerting us to this tweet.


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