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Mule ‘Dies’ In Large Fire At US Naval Academy

| December 05, 2012, 09:58 PM | 6 Comments

Nearly 4000 midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy were in attendance at a party this evening that got a little out of control and ended with the football team igniting a large fire in the middle of Farragut Field. While no midshipmen were injured during the melee, one Army mule (effigy) was found dead in the charred remains once the fire was put out and the midshipmen returned to Bancroft Hall for the evening.

Of course it was the biggest pep rally of the year, three days before Navy battles Army in Philadelphia in the Annual Army-Navy Game.  The brigade of midshipmen were told that if Navy wins on Saturday, it will be because of the Class of 2013 who has won 4 straight years. If they lose, it will be the fault of the Class of 2016.

Eye On Annapolis will have three photographers on the field in Philadelphia to bring you all the action shots.

All images © 2012, Kevin Carroll, A Digital Cure.

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  1. glad they all were having a great time..while the mule was dying..and about reporting on how sick that is that the animal was dying and no one around seemed to care..All you people seem to care about is the great time the mids had..shame on you.

  2. K. Peavey says:

    World English Dictionaryeffigy (ˈɛfɪdʒɪ) — n , pl -gies1.a portrait of a person, esp as a monument or architectural decoration2.a crude representation of someone, used as a focus for contempt or ridicule and often hung up or burnt in public (often in the phrases burn or hang in effigy

  3. BEATARMY says:

    effigy(noun): 1. a sculpture or model of a person 2. a rough model of a particular person, damaged or destroyed as a protest or expression of anger…in other words, it wasn’t a living mule

  4. Jack says:

    First the article says “effigy” which means it was just a dummy mule and not real. Secondly I’m pretty sure this article is part of an childish game played by ARMY cadets prior to the upcoming football game. They also sent an email spoofed to look like it came from the USNA Superindendent which made bizarre comments. The shear weirdness and antisocial tone of the email is classic West Point cadet behavior and a prime example of why they will always be doomed to paying for sex.

  5. Hey Mary,

    Just posted this on a Facebook reply also but just wanted to be clear it wasn’t a real animal! I’m actually not the writer of the article but rather the photographer of all the pictures and I can assure it was just a large wooden fake mule. You can make it out in one of the fire pictures.

    I’m also actually vegetarian, so would have definitely brought up the major detail if it was real :)

  6. Ahhh Yes— Animal Cruety by those mean water boys! Vengenge will be ours Hooah! Go Army.

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