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Suspected Drunk Driver Wrecks, Kills Self

On November 22, 2012 at 12:56 a.m., the Anne Arundel County Police Department received two separate complaints of an intoxicated driver. The first put had the vehicle crossing into Anne Arundel County from Baltimore City on Fort Smallwood Road near Cabot Road. The second had the vehicle on Fort Smallwood Road near Kenton Road.  The vehicle was a red Honda minivan with Maryland tag 1AA0839.

Shortly after the lookout was broadcasted, an officer from the Eastern District spotted the van driving erratically and swerving across the roadway on Fort Smallwood Road near Edwin Raynor Boulevard in Pasadena.  The officer turned on his emergency lights and siren to stop the driver, but instead of stopping the driver accelerated away and out of the sight of the officer.

Officers checked the area where the van was last seen going.  At 1:05 a.m., they discovered it at Mountain Road near Fairwood Road where it had struck a tree causing extensive damage to the vehicle and fatal injuries to the driver.  No one else was in the vehicle.

The Traffic Safety Section was notified and assumed primary investigative responsibility for the crash. Evidence suggests excessive speed is a primary cause of this crash. It is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs were also contributing factors.  The Traffic Safety Section will continue to investigate.

Anyone with further information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Traffic Safety Section at 410-222-8573.

Source: AACoPD
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  1. At least we know now that the person will never hurt or kill someone that is innocent or another family that could have been traveling for the holiday. It was their choice to drink and drive and finally one that did paid the price instead of someone else

  2. Another one who talks tough through an interface. Watch your mouth and remember that families are adversely affected by this as well. I would love to hear you say this in person.

  3. God deals with drunk drivers better than Maryland court systems do. One less drunk driver I do not have to worry about hitting and killing anyone I know.

  4. God deals with drunk drivers better than Maryland court systems do. One less drunk driver I do not have to worry about hitting and killing anyone I know.

  5. It is a shame that the car sustained excessive damage, Hopefully the owners have good insurance and can get it fixed because it was probably stolen. Hopefully the tree is okay!

  6. This drunk driver was definitely not a “popular” Facebook page founder from Pasadena or he would be considered a hero and the headline to this story would be much different!

  7. I would love to meet with you face to face and have you express this opinion, Jeff Scott. But, I guarantee you are a coward who would never do so.

  8. Dana… is this not your first post? And your talking pretty tough.. hypocrite much?

  9. OK OK…. Dana would you like a cup for all that whine? You are correct though: Drunk Drivers are indeed in someones family… the same family that should have taught the driver to not drink prior to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and to not speed away from police. Now all that is left is that family. Their pain is unbearable im sure, but it doesn’t make your veiled threats less of a defense for a guilty party whom chose to run from their offenses rather than be a man and take it… (Had the driver hit a person and not a tree you would be defending a murder you know?) Now you here are trying to silence innocent people because they are fed up with hypocrites and their tight-knit retardation, much like the hypocrites memorializing the facebook page jeff mentions. When will the emotional discourse end and a real discussion about drunk driving begin in Pasadena? (and please dont blame anyone but the drivers!) If you knew the driver of this incident perhaps you can be the one to step up and say.. “I lost a friend to a string of bad decisions, and I want to help your family to avoid feeling the way I do right now, let’s quell drunk driving and running from the cops by raising children accountable to their actions!”

  10. First of all, he was my brother..blood brother. There has been no defense of his actions nor have I threatened anyone. I’m simply saying that, as a man, one should be fully willing and able to express the same vitriol and disregard for his family who may take offense to the insensitive comments to the family directly if one feels so strongly about his/her position. I would bet my life that these cowards would not openly express such comments were it not for this platform that detaches them from the people who may be most affected by such words. Be mindful…that’s all.

  11. “you’re” is a contraction of “you are” .. its not a spelling error, rather grammar .. but you are correct it was an error.

  12. Agreed that no one likes internet trolls! I didn’t see any here though.. just people fed up with drunk drivers and a facebook page that insults the intelligence of the people its meant to serve by overly morning and compensating for the idiotic actions of their deceased founder. They themselves imitate trolls whom whom lurk behind avatars and the controls of message boards to take low blow stabs at people or censor them. In my opinion, the comments here didn’t require you to stoop down to a level were you tell people to “watch their mouth” repeatedly without any kind of explanation.. It just seemed like an emotional threat which could have been coming from the facebook trolls or some other unexplained direction… Indeed I am sorry for your loss and can see where you may have been coming from.. but again I urge/challenge you to make a difference in other families lives to prevent them from knowing the pain of having a family member or friend cut-down young for doing something foolish and avoidable. Stay positive and rejoice!

  13. I bite my tongue for no one. Sorry about your brother’s bad choice & I am glad he did not take any innocent lives with him. However I am NOT sorry for my opinion on drunk drivers at all.

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