October 3, 2023
Annapolis, US 72 F

Chicken Mugged Outside Of Metropolitan

We knew it would happen. Once you let the riff-raff into town, crime naturally follows!  Several months ago, the City was all aflutter about allowing chickens in the back yards of residents.  After countless hours (and puns), the legislation passed and now chickens are legal to raise in the City of Annapolis.

The issue was so large that the Anne Arundel Arts Council decided to kick it up a notch by installing five larger than life chickens in the Annapolis Arts District near and along the West Street Corridor.

But crime has struck!  It appears that the oldest chicken, installed outside of Kevin Spacey’s favorite hangout Metropolitan, was mugged last night. An eagle eye reader alerted us to the crime.

No word from the police on the status of the investigation!

Images courtesy of Steve Poole

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