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Off Duty Officer Shoots Pit Bull In Pasadena After Attack


pitbullOn October 7, 2012 at approximately 10:50 a.m., officers from the Eastern District responded to the area of Vena Lane and Notley Road in Pasadena for a reported aggressive animal.

Officers arrived on scene and learned an off-duty officer with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police Department shot and killed a pit bull that was attacking him.

Preliminary investigation shows the pit bull had escaped from a residence on Vena Lane.  The dog appeared aggressive, growling and approaching residents in the neighborhood.  A resident of the neighborhood asked the off-duty officer for assistance.  The officer was attempting to guide the dog back to its residence when it charged and attacked the officer’s leg.  The officer drew and discharged his issued departmental weapon striking the dog.  The dog ran then collapsed a few yards away. The off-duty officer received minor injuries to his leg as a result of a bite.

Source: AACoPD
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  1. Carlisle, the only way your stated opinion could be true would be if every single pet pit bull has shown aggression at some time in its life. Somehow I doubt that. There are many people that have owned a pit bull for a long time and they have been wonderful pets for them.

  2. That is *Not* true at all! Pits are great dogs, bad and irresponsible owners give them a bad rap! They are incredibly sweet and smart and very loyal. Educate yourself before making a comment like that.

  3. So…was that the dog in the photo or just the best picture you could find to enhance the limited detaols of the story? Was the dog on a leash being “led” home or pulled on? Soooo many details not included…sad…

  4. No the photo is NOT the dog that was shot. It is a stock image of a pit bull.

    The details indicate that the officer was “guiding” the dog home after it was being aggressive to neighbors. The dog then charged and attacked the officer’s leg.

    I assume the dog was off leash (it escaped from a residence) and if it had a collar, one might assume the officer was leading it by the collar.

  5. Should have shot the owners. They are the ones responsible for “aggressive” put bulls. It’s always either some uneducated ghetto people or white trash owners.

  6. I was there,I Live at 1045 census,this dog walked by me and my mom as u put my hand out to let it sniff me.the dog didn’t care to bother with us…. the cop waited until my mom and I were to our driveway to murder this dog in cold blood based on rumors.the home he resides in is a home where my neighbors have all decided they don’t like the couple.they fought days before with one another which lead to their arrest.the dog got out because a person checking on the house wasn’t paying appropriate attention.I have personally walked the dog back to it’s yard before.the dog has also “rumored” to have been abused with pool chemicals or cigarettes.which one is not clear.also the dog had been “rumored “to have bitten two children. I spoke with one child personally.the reason her story seemed aggressive is her lack of a better term or explanation.she used the word mauled in describing the dog pulling her by her shirt away from his relative (a child whom he lives with).either way,this officer did the wrong thing.if the dog seemed aggressive,why would u act as a rogue cop and continue to go after this dog? Do ur job and send all neighbors into their homes as u were trained to do and call backup along with animal control.taking the law into your own hands just because the state issued you a gun,doesn’t make it okay for you to use it out in the open with children and families to possibly get hit by your stray bullet.took them 20mins to cover this dog.I came up the street after he delivered his brand of justice and saw the single shot to his gut and witnessed this dog choking on it’s own blood as this cop called whoever stating that the dog was dead.he was not yet dead.children could easily see from their homes this crude and disgusting choice…

  7. Why would a cop guide an aggressive dog? Isn’t it protocol for him to get backup and animal control? Is his job to guide supposed aggressive dogs??? Fishy…

  8. I meant to type vena correct put census.and no that picture is not of the real dog…..

  9. when things like this happen, I always wait for people to get up in arms about the police taking matters into their own hands and interfering / destroying people’s private property. if it were someone’s car or prized piece of art work folks would be LIVID that police crossed the line so clearly …. yet when it’s a dog somehow this is all justifiable because it is labelled “pit bull”? I call foul on all of you. there is no justification for the destruction of people’s personal, private property without DUE PROCESS. this is a violation of the dog owners civil rights by the police. the proper procedure would have been to have an animal control person respond and handle the situation appropriately, with the dog taken to animal control facilities, the dog owner issued with a warrant / summons to appear in court or a fine / ticket for any laws broken. I can’t believe people are so willing to allow the authorities to so clearly overstep their bounds.

  10. I wish it was this easy to get rid of aggressive people…. i know a guy that has been violent with many many people in the time I’ve been around here and most recently beat up his coworker within an inch of his life…. but he gets to walk the street free.
    I’m also somewhat alarmed an off duty police officer is carrying his gun to help a neighbor with a dog… had the neighbor called the correct department they could have shown up with the proper tools to handle the situation and let the dog live. There needs to be some sort of due process involved in these situations or we need to start popping criminals in the head when they fight back.

  11. Blair, your statements are clearly emotional and rash. K9 shepards and malinois are amazing dogs and exemplify the “sweet” qualities of the pit when understood, respected, and handled properly. I have owned a few police rescues now and will never adopt another breed. They are far beyond intelligent and do not live for the constant “treats” many domestic dogs live for. They often seek more exercise than kennels (or many owners) are able to provide, and their drive can be satisfied without food if you know them well… perhaps that’s why they lover their officer best- because they have taken the time to know the animal and trained each other to satisfy the other.

  12. Wow.. way to reach a conclusion based on damn near zero evidence. Some dogs are aggressive simply because they are scared.. im not a fan of pitts but i hate ignorant people. Sure, some owners suck, but its pretty hard to judge through an internet article… Who do you think you are judging people like that? Oh yea… you’re probably a ghetto, white trash, unemployed, bigot, hater. Enjoy hating life!

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