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Annapolis Alderman Says Brunt Of Storm To Miss Annapolis

In an email (below) to residents of Ward 8 (Eastport), Alderman Ross Arnett has stated that the Annapolis Emergency Operations Center believes that the brunt of Hurricane Sandy will indeed miss Annapolis.

Historically, Eastport has been the location for severe flooding along with wind damage. According to latest closures, everyone from the Federal government (the Alderman’s former employer) on down.  Annapolis still says that trash will be collected on Monday and the official notices from the Mayor have indicated that the City is taking the storm seriously. But this e-mail seems to exude a sense of nonchalance. Not heeding official suggestions could have deadly consequences.

We contacted  Kevin Simmons the City’s Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management about this statement from the Alderman Arnett. According to Simmons, “The storm is dangerous! We are not in the direct path of the storm but people should take it seriously. The storm has a radius of 1000 miles. Folks in low lying areas should move inland. Expected widespread power outages for long duration. Respect this storm!”  Many sections of Eastport are some of the lowest lying land in the City.

 Alderman Arnett’s Email

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 3:34 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Wather Update

Ward 8 and Friends

The latest word from our Emergency Management folk is that we may miss the brunt of the storm. We are to get some significant rain and prolong gusty winds starting around noon tomorrow and lasting into Tuesday. Let’s hope that the last two big weather events blew down all of the weak trees and we won’t have many power outages.

As of now, the city plans to collect trash on Monday, but the Tuesday collection may be canceled. If canceled, the make up day would normally be Wednesday, but there is no official word on any of this as yet.

The emergency Management number [410 260-2211] is now operational if you have questions or need help.

Stay dry.


Anne Arundel County OEM Statement

In contrast, the Anne Arundel County  Office of Emergency Preparedness just issued the following statement:

This is a message from Anne Arundel County Emergency Operations Center. Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall tomorrow, Monday October 29th, so today is your last chance to prepare for potential impacts. Heavy rains and high winds will likely lead to power outages for a prolonged period. Citizens should create survival kits with water, non-perishable foods, battery-powered radios and flashlights. Secure any loose items in your yard that may become projectiles. Citizens in low-lying areas should consider moving inland to stay with friends, family members, at a hotel or the designated shelter at Annapolis High School. Annapolis High School is located at 2700 Riva Road and opens today, Sunday October 28th at 3pm. If you have any questions call the Annapolis call center at 410-222-0600. For emergencies, call 911.

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